Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron | Eco Intelligence | Best Energy Saving Iron 2020

Rowenta, a German manufacturer of household appliances has brought this incredible product, with an exceptional design and features. Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron comes in a special colour combination of green that indicates its power saving featureRowenta DW6080 Steam Iron Eco-Intelligence Iron
that makes it stand out of the league of conventional steam irons.

This iron is somewhat expensive as compared to other irons in this category, but it justifies its price by being the most power saving one. The Stainless steel soleplate, with a superb design and easy to customise steam flow are some of the features that, make it worthwhile of its price.

Features Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron:

  •  Stainless Steel soleplate. 
  • Anti-Drip technology.
  •  Self-Cleaning.
  •  Various modes of steam dispensing with easy control.
  •  Power Saving Feature.
  •  Anti-Calc System.
  •  Smart Eco positioning.

Specifications Of Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron:

  •  Micro Steam holes – 400 holes
  •  Wattage – 1700 Watts
  •  Soleplate – Stainless Steel
  •  Self-Cleaning – Available
  •  Auto-Off – Available
  •  Anti-Calcium System – Available
  •  One-touch control – Available
  •  Steam force Technology – Available
  •  Burst of Steam – 100gm/min.
  •  Size – 12.6”X 5.7”X7.1”

The soleplate is made with a precision tip and a round end that helps to reduce the creases, also making the iron reach for small positions on the cloth easily. The soleplate is made of stainless steel, hence; make it smooth running over the fabrics of various types. The positioning of the 400 micro-holes is what makes it more efficient. These holes are positioned in such a manner that they provide with more steam and more force to make the cloths look fabulous. The 3D technology used in the positioning of the holes is what makes it eco-friendly.

The controls are mounted on the front end of the handle with a smooth controller. The regulator helps to control the flow of system in various modes from eco to boost. This helps in proper regulation of the steam flow as per the
consumer need. Also, it provides with two modes of steam discharge that are, drip and continuous.

It has an Anti-calc technology, or the anti – calcium technology that cleanses the calcium formed after a long period of use. This feature enables user to remove the calcium accumulated on the pores. Hence, consumers will have a
longer life of the product.

 Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron This model also comes with certain features such as Auto-Off, Anti-Drip, etc. These additional features highlight a new prospect of the product in the eyes of consumers. The Auto-off feature is the most demanded one in the market
by the consumers. Auto-off helps to switch off the iron after it is idle for a period of time. Hence, the power consumption is also restricted as well a safety badge is stick on the iron. Also, anti-drip technology will prevent the
leakage from the base of iron (soleplate).

DW6080 has some negative points also. Everything comes with some pros and cons and this one has got it too. The chord attached to the iron is quiet short that has made some of its consumers feel uncomfortable with the use of iron.
Also, their have been some complaints regarding the leakage of water from the soleplate. But these minuses do not make this best steam iron  which come low in comparison to the other competing irons.

The Rowenta DW6080 Steam Iron is mostly known for its energy saving specification. It saves up to 25% on power consumption on conventional irons used nowadays. This makes it stand out of the line in comparison to other irons.

The consumers of this product are also complaining the rotary trigger present on the top of the handle, being switched easily with slight slip of hand. This may be because of the improper placement of the trigger or cause of the over smoothness of the trigger that makes it slip easily. Also, another negativity of the iron can be counted as the small water holding capacity of the tank attached to the iron. This means frequent refills, as frequent as 2 to 3 shirts,
and then you have to go for the refill again.

Also, there is a temperature control just above the water tank. This makes users very comfortable while ironing different fabric cloths. As, they can increase or decrease the temperature to fit for their use.

Overall, the iron has some cons such as its pricing , low capacity water tank and also the short chord , but its power saving feature dominates over all these cons.