Panasonic NI W810CS Steam Iron | Best Design Steam Iron 2020

Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam IronThis iron from Panasonic NI W810CS Steam Iron is a unique one and got a design that is far more modified than the conventional steam irons. The elliptical shaped soleplate with two pointed ends and the tri-stand design for the iron to stand are one of a kind feature, seen in this model. Also, it is worth mentioning that the soleplate is ceramic coated for more smooth and handy operation.

NI-W810CS is also not much expensive , it is of optimum price range that is affordable. Their has been various modification in the design of a iron but this has been made to a whole new level. The two ends , elliptical design is given to minimise crease on the cloths that users with a flat end iron get.


  • Wattage – 1500 Watts
  •  Cord – 8 Ft.
  •  Auto-Off – 3 Way Auto-Off
  •  Auto-Clean – Available
  •  Steam holes – Along the circumference of soleplate
  •  Water Tank Capacity – 6.75 oz
  •  Dimensions – 10.8" x 4.9" x 5.9"
  •  Weight – 3 lbs.
  •  Vertical Steaming – Available
  •  Steam Flow – 4 Modes

Features of Panasonic NI W810CS Steam Iron:

  •  The improved design of the soleplate.
  •  More surface area for proper steaming.
  •  Ceramic base gives you a gliding and smooth operation over wide range of
  •  Multi modes of steam flow control.


The Panasonic NI W810CS Steam Iron has got elliptical shaped soleplate with steam holes all over the circumference . The absence of holes at the center of the soleplate may be reason of doubt for a uniform steaming on the fabrics of cloth. The holes are quiet large that should be sufficient for providing the steam. There are four modes for steaming available on this model from Panasonic – High , Low , Medium & Dry.

The soleplate has coating of ceramic over it. This provides with gliding over the fabrics with smooth movements over the cloths. The ceramic coating gives a good conductivity to the heat flow. The ceramic coating also provides with a longer and more durable life. Also, the new invented shape of the soleplate provides with less creases on the cloths. Usual irons with a flat end , after moving from one spot to another often leaves a crease that sometimes bothers the users. This innovative shape with two pointed ends is engineered for perfect ironing and with this creases will be a thing of past.Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate

The iron with these is difficult to stand so, it is provided with an extra stand ejecting from the side of the iron. With the help of this , the iron has a tri-stand for standing . Some consumers of this model have some problems with this stand. As, due to this the chances of toppling of the iron are more. The hot iron can topple and damage the cloths.

There is a circular regulator for controlling the temperature and mode of cloth of various types of fibres in Panasonic NI W810CS Steam Iron. The handle has various buttons switching the different modes of steam flow through the holes . There are a total of 80 holes at the base that provide a high pressure of steam jet on the cloths . The vertical steaming is also a plus point with this pressure of steaming.

The water storage capacity is also quiet sufficient ,that may last for a long working sessions. The transparent water reservoir available at the base provides with the exact measurement of the water level available in the iron. Also, the dry mode of steam available on the iron is a special feature that enhances the feasibility and functionality of the iron.

The iron comes with an auto-shut off function. This means a 3-way power-off, when the iron is left ideal for some time it turns off automatically. The irons nowadays , have this feature as an important security function for making the consumers fully satisfied with the iron.

NI-W810CS is not good for use in professional purposes i.e. long term uses . There are a few complaints regarding the inappropriate functioning of it, after some duration of continuous working. Also, the toppling problem may lead to a serious damage to the iron which will cause a point of misery for the buyers.

Overall the iron Panasonic NI W810CS Steam Iron is a good buying option at cost efficient price with a superb out of the box design.