Panasonic NI L70SR | Best Cordless Iron 2020

Panasonic NI L70SR Cordless Iron If you are frequent traveller OR you have kids into your house then you will definitely consider cordless Iron. Panasonic NI L70SR Cordless Iron is best suited for your necessity which can help you indifferent manner. It is convenient to transport, cordless, good heat and stem. these features make it more better.  Here are more technical and physical reference for you.

Features of Panasonic NI L70SR Cordless Iron

  1. Cordless Ironing – The best benefit of being cordless Iron is its transportation and easy to carry.
  2. Detachable Water Tank – The push button work for detaching water tank from the iron, allowing you to easily refill it without carrying entire iron.
  3. Quick Heating Times – It can reach optical temperature quickly just within 1-2 minutes depending on the heat setting you have made in order to effort rather than wrapping it around the unit.
  4. Lightweight – Excluding cord and a smaller water tank means that the steam iron only weigh around 3 lbs, considerably less than most other corded models have. 
  5. Heat Resistant Cover With Handle – When you have finished your ironing, Soleplate is heat resistant cover over it and you can carry it around.


  • The stainless steel soleplate along with numbers of steam holes within oval indents outer perimeter. These irons are designed to trap pockets of air which is in soleplate this makes easier to use.
  • It is much easier to change steam iron temperature as there are soft touch buttons for this on the handle itself. 
  • As long as you maintain the charge of the iron by placing it on the base whenever you’re changing clothing positions, then the steam will always be fast and efficient.
  • It heats up pretty quickly, within 1-2 minutes depending on what heat setting you have it on.
  • You don’t need to worry about it dripping during ironing or when it’s on the base, as the anti-drip system consists of a reliable water seal within the iron.
  • Has a built-in automatic shutoff system, but unlike other irons which turn off within 7-8 minutes (which is too quick for some), the Panasonic NI L70SR only shuts down after being left on the base for more than 10 minutes.
  • It has been praised by many users as being extremely quick and easy to use due to its lightweight, smaller size and cordless design which make it the Best Steam Irons


  • Some costumers find it difficult to maintain heat, it must be docked on rechargeable base in between ironing clothes.
  • As it is cordless steam iron, the steam is not good when compared to the top rated corded steam irons.

Final Words

  • Most of users have ranted the raved about ultra-convenient cordless system which is definitely a bid plus especially if you are a sewer or quilter.
  • The appearance to control the functionality is simple which is what makes it so efficient and easy to use Steam Iron

There isn’t much to not like about the Panasonic NI L70SR cordless steam iron. Panasonic had clearly planned it out carefully when designing and producing it. As a result, it has garnered high ratings and favorable reviews from many publications and users. If you’re ready to transition from a corded to a cordless steam iron, then I can’t think of a better model to start with than this

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