Maytag Speed Heat Iron and Steamer

Maytag Speed Heat Iron and Steamer | Review 2020 You Will Love

The Maytag Speed Heat Iron & Vertical Steamer is designed to you great functionality at a good price. It comes with latestMaytag Speed Heat Iron heating and steaming system that can generates an optimum efficiency to use, Its feature for quickly heat up and consumes less energy than other brands.

In addition, to the heating technology, the Maytag also enables steam system to regenerate an effective steam and burst within 3 seconds. So, if you want energy efficient heating iron come steam which performs smoothly and helps you to do ironing clothes fast, this is the one for you.


What comes into Box of Maytag Speed Heat Iron:-

we have made the complete collection of top rated steam irons  for you. The Iron weight approx 3.3 Pounds and has dimension of 11.2 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches.  The box also contains the booklet instructions and Attached wire cord.

Product features:-

  • Vertical Steam Syatem:- The User-friendly settings of Iron gives you control over burst water spray.
  • Sturdy Soleplate:- The Maytag M400 have a stainless-steel soleplate which glides smoothly.
  • Right Balancing:-. It have comfortable touch grip, as well as an eight feet cord that can turn 360 degrees.
  • Self Cleaning System:- The M400 model features anti-scale and anti-calcification technology.


  • Three-way auto power off
  • Tangle free 360 degrees 8-foot cord tangle free
  • Light-touch heels
  • Detachable water dispenser with 8oz capacity.
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Produces heat within seconds
  • Makes a clicking sound once it stops heating up
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operating system
  • Easy to control


  • This model does not hold much water in its container requiring you to refill it a few times.
  • The temperature setting knob is in an awkward spot below the handle. Therefore, when you change the temperature, you may have some difficulty viewing and adjusting the knob.
  • The tangle free cord is a good addition, but it’s too short.

Final Words

The M400 speed heating iron from Maytag is perfect for people like to wear linen clothing and have a lot of them in their wardrobe. Removing wrinkles from this type of fabric can be frustrating and the M400 helps solve this problem.

This iron is also ideal for individuals who are into sewing and quilting. Using this iron can help smooth the finish products of these kinds of projects. You can check How to use iron also.

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