Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Shaver | Best Affordable Shaver 2020

Panasonic Arc 5

The Panasonic Arc 5 is a razor with a rotating or oscillating blade. It generally does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water. The razor may be charged by a shrimp DC motor, which is either powered by batteries or mains electricity. Choosing the right electric razor constitutes all about knowing your skin, your facial hair, and what one’s peculiar needs are.

What may be the best razor for someone else may not be the best one for you specifically? When you have sensitive skin, periodic electric shavers are not of a good help to cut it. Using the wrong shaving product for your skin type can result in itchy and irritated skin at best, and abrasions and ingrown hairs at worst. Shaving is an essential part of grooming, and, just like any endeavour, using the right tool for the job is extremely important.

Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Shavers The Good Guys’ range of men’s electric shavers for wet and dry shaving have a range of showerproof, trimming and rechargeable features so you can easily take care of unwanted hair and always look your best.  In the world of men’s hygiene, it can be difficult to choose between all of the different brands and find the top-rated razors amongst all the varied and attractive products released.   One needs to find the best electric shaver to suit your specific skin type, facial hair, and personal preferences that is not so easy. Some of the top electric razors are:

  • Braun Series 9290cc
  • Panasonic Arc5
  • Philips Norelco Series 9000
  • Braun 7 790cc

They are some of the best electric razors and shavers for men. There are types of electric shavers and razors – closest electric shaver, adjustable electric razor, waterproof electric shaver, cordless electric shaver. The best cordless electric shaver is Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 790cc. Choosing a suitable electric razor is one of the key elements in getting a comfortable and enjoyable shave. There’s a plethora of different models out there and what may work best for someone won’t necessarily be the right choice for you.

Electric shaver Panasonic Arc 5 Panasonic is one of the three major participants in the electric shaver’s industry with Braun and Philips Norelco. They feature a massive 5 blade shaving unit that features the trademark arched profile of the foils (hence the Arc in the name).

This third incarnation of the Arc 5 family debuted in September 2015.The international models were the ES-LV6A-S (no cleaning station) and ES-LV9A-S (automatic cleaning station), while the ones for the American market were the ES-LV6N-S (no cleaning station) and ES-LV9-N (automatic  cleaning station). The Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV7N-S is their new model in their “Arc” sequence of electric shavers for men.

The Panasonic Arc5 is a foil head shaver. There are five cutting elements mounted on the cutting head. The cutting elements are slightly arced. Hence the name Arc5.  Each of the five cutting elements is independently mounted which allows it to flex, making it easier to shave hard to reach areas such as around the jawline and under the chin. This means a faster cleaner shave in a few strokes.

The Panasonic Arc 5 gives a very close and comfortable shaving experience. This is because each of the five cutting elements has been designed to carry out a particular task in the shaving process.

Features of Panasonic Arc 5:

  • Premium Panasonic Arc 5 electric razor includes a precision 5-blade shaving system with precision sharpened with 30° inner blades for exceptional closeness.
  • Multi-Flex pivoting head glides smoothly alongside the contours of the face, chin, neck and jaw.
  • One-touch cleaning and charging station automatically clears, dries and boosts to keep your shaver fresh and prepared for the next shave
  • Includes a pop-up trimmer to detail sideburns and moustaches, wet dry convenient, charges in one hour for 45 minutes of power.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic Arc 5:


  • Comes with a lot of accessories.
  • Ideal for when speed is of the essence.
  • One of the best and useful Electric Shavers for sensitive skin.
  • High Durability.
  • Automatic Shaving Speed adjustment.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Works perfectly for ingrown hairs.
  • Quick Charging.
  • Easy cleaning mode.


  • The huge shaving heads.
  • Quite expensive.
  • A little noisy.

A good Electric Shaver is what one need for fast and productive shaving without concluding skin irritations. Panasonic’s Arc5 shaver is the second-best electric shavers in India. The chrome plating is very reflective. One can see themselves in the shaver, like a mirror. The Panasonic Arc 5 shaver feels easy to hold. While the weight is not as evenly distributed as the Philips 9000 Series the shape of the handle fits naturally in your hand.

Men’s electric shavers approaches with likewise foil or rotary cutting blades. Each type of electric shaver has its devotees. The men’s electric shaver reviews states to look sharp without all the fuss. Electric razors shave and trim promptly without water and shaving cream, and offers other convenient characteristics, such as battery chargers and automatic shutoff.

Panasonic Arc 5The women’s electric razor review states an electric razor works best for sensitive skin, is less likely to cut your skin or result in razor burn, and does not require you to keep throwing them away after several uses. Of course, choosing an electric razor isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The Panasonic Arc 5 presents best with two-day lump of short beards. But it was able to handle 3-day old beards with no real issues. The design and shape of the hand make it very easy to handle and manoeuvre. Replacement parts for this shaver are very easy to find at the big retailers.

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S is evidently waterproof and you can use it now directly in the shower at least 3 times without any hinderance. The premium, award-winning Panasonic Arc 5 electric razor includes a 5-blade shaving system with precision sharpened 30° blades for perfect cleanness. Built-in Panasonic Arc 5 shaving sensor continually detects differences in beard density and you can automatically adjust razor.

10 best compact binoculars Buyer’s Guide 2020

Trying to balance the need for high quality optics when hiking or backpacking can be a real challenge. On the one hand, the best compact binoculars have very large, high quality lenses that can sometimes be delicate.

On the other hand, your equipment needs to be durable and lightweight to survive the challenges of the outdoors. These are the difficulties every hiker, bird watcher and traveler faces when choosing the best compact binoculars.

We’re going to discuss some of the benefits and features of many best compact binoculars. Further, I’m going to help you decide on the best way to choose lightweight and best compact binoculars packed with modern technology.

One of our big goals here at The Adventure Junkies is to help you out when it comes to gearing up for the outdoors. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find the best binoculars and show you our selection of the best models of the year.

Guide on How to choose Best compact Binoculars

The first thing you’ll notice when looking to buy a pair of best compact binoculars is the set of two numbers attached to their name, such as 8×22. The first number indicates the magnification of the binoculars (the number of times larger the objects seen through the binoculars will appear than with the naked eye) and the second relates to the size of the objective lens (the front lens) of the binocular in millimeters. The larger the objective lens is, the more light that enters the lens, making images brighter and clearer.

It is the objective lens size that affects the overall size of the binoculars. As a result, compact binoculars will generally have a far smaller objective lens than in larger models and therefore dimmer images – the price you pay for buying the portable binocular which can get fit into your jacket pocket or day backpack.

When investing in a pair of best compact binoculars, it’s important to realize that those with magnifications over 10x aren’t ideal for people with unsteady hands as they actually increase the amount of handshake that you see as you’re looking through the lens.

Because of their more compact size and ease of use, binoculars with smaller magnifications and objective lenses are generally more practical for most people. However, if you want brighter, clearer images when bird or wildlife watching, consider either using a tripod to steady the binoculars or invest in a more expensive pair of binoculars.

  • Exit pupil diameter : One of the key factor to consider is the size of the exit pupil diameter. Worked out by dividing the objective lens size by the binoculars’ magnification, the exit pupil diameter is the size of the hole through which the light passes in the binocular. The larger this number, the more light can enter the binoculars and the brighter the image appears.
    The 8×22 binoculars case, exit pupil diameter is 2.75mm which is usable in daylight but notin night or low light conditions or for astronomy.
  • Field of view: Depending on how you intend to use your best compact binoculars will affect how large a field of view you need to have. The field of view is basically how wide the scene you can see through your binoculars is and this decreases as the magnification of the binoculars increases. If you’re looking to use binoculars for field sports or wildlife watching (situations where you want to be able to see more of what is going on or be able to scan the horizon), you want to have a pair of binoculars with a wider field of view.
    This information is normally given in the number of meters that can be seen at a range of 1000m or in degrees.
  • Eye relief: Not all binoculars are usable by all people and, particularly if you wear glasses, another important measurement to check when buying a pair of best compact binoculars is their eye relief. This is the distance that your eyes need to be from the ocular lenses of the binocular (those that you look through). If your eyes are too close to the lenses, you will see a black crescent moon shape appearing at the bottom of the field of view. If your eyes are too far away, you will see a dark ring around the field of view. Also, the binocular the correct eyes relief shows clear image of anything.

    If you wear glasses, you already have a bit more distance between your eyes and lenses than none glasses wearers, so try and buy a set of best compact binoculars that have 15mm eye relief and which include eye cups that can be twisted or folded down as by wearing glasses.

  • Lens coating: When looking at different compact binoculars, you’ll also notice that many indicate that their lenses are coated. Lens coatings affect how much of the light is reflected away from the lens and can help to improve the brightness and clarity of the image that you see through the binoculars.
    Modern binoculars now have at least eight lenses and light can be lost at each one of these. Binoculars that indicate they are fully coated will have coating on each lens, whereas those that have ‘multilayered coatings’ have several layers on each lens, which means the brightness and clarity of the image is better.
  • Fog & Waterproofing: Finally, if you’re planning on using your best compact binoculars in the outdoors on hiking and backpacking trips, it’s important to look at whether they are waterproof. Many models indicate that they are ‘O-ring sealed’ which helps to prevent moisture from entering the binocular.Similarly, fog proofing can be crucial. To be fog proof and to prevent them from steaming up in humid conditions, the air inside the binoculars is replaced with a gas that has no moisture content, such as nitrogen or argon. In this case, they may be described as being “nitrogen purged”.

Why You should Buy Compact Binoculars:

  • The field of View: The field of view is quite crucial. Although the field of view is always stated, for instance, 1000 yards or 800 yards, it’s important to confirm before making a purchase. A wide field of view is always perfect for observing moving creatures while a narrow field of view is ideal for those objects which are stationary.
  • The magnification power: We have some best compact binoculars with an 8x 23mm rating and others have 8 x 25mm and so forth. You need to consider the magnification if you want to capture perfect images.
  • The binocular size: Compact binoculars are supposed to be small and portable. In fact, most of them fit into one’s pockets. You have to get a small and portable compact binocular for the best experience.

Wingspan Optics Spectator:

Wingspan Optics Spectator binocularFinally, Wingspan Optics compact binocular bring our list of top 10 best compact binoculars to a close. It is one of the best binocular product available into the market. Ideal for star gazing, bird watching, natural scene watching or other outdoor activities is best suited for this spectator.

The Wingspan optics is pocket-size and lightweight in design which makes it incredibly amazing with its field of view to ensures that you can catch every subject which traverses your field of action. Also, the compact binocular have clear and bright image, thanks to its powerful magnification of 8 x 32mm glasses.


  • Specially designed for bird watching activities and taking your adventure to another level of breathtaking magnification clarity:  wingspan optics skyviews are specially designed with bird watcher in mind which give extra wide field of view to watch birds with close focus, phase correction coated prism and ed glass to take bird watching experience to a new level of clarity and brightness.
  • New glass awakens the new rainbow of color for watcher’s eyes: the wingspan’s ed glass high-powered best compact binoculars help you to see images which are clearer and sharper to eyes, which can take you to another level of bird watching adventure. ed (extra-low dispersion) glass prevents or reduces chromatic aberration, which causes color fringing. As the better aberrations are controlled then the cleaner and brighter image will appear.
  • The experience of breathtaking clarity with fully multi-coated binocular lenses and phase correction coated prism pops like mother nature has designed these. The phase-correction coated with high index prism creates a clear & sharp hd images for you while its 42mm fully multi coated glass lenses can deliver best brightness as well as color your eyes need it has also 8x zoom magnification, with ideal quality magnification for capturing the most bright and clear, images with steady bird watching binoculars.


  • Water/fog-proof
  • ED glass
  • Wide, padded neck strap
  • Responsive focus wheels
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Lens caps aren’t connected
  • Slightly larger than other options

Bushnell 138005 H2O:

Bushnell 138005 H2O best compact binocularsMy friend who is a wild photographer uses this Bushnell compact binocular to spot his subjects. The excellent magnification of 8 x 25mm makes it perfect for long distances. Of course, it boasts a compact and lightweight construction which makes it ideal for travelers. The Bak-4 prisms offer a bright and clear viewing for perfect results. Furthermore, this compact binocular boasts multi-coated optics which guarantee excellent light transmission. Additionally, the waterproof construction makes it perfect for all weather.


  • Objective x Magnification :25 x 8mm
  • BaK-4 prisms for clear, bright & crisp view
  • Multi-coated optical glasses for excellent light transmissions
  • O-ring sealed with 100 percent waterproof – and nitrogen purged.
  • Contains Non-slip rubber armor absorbs shock which gives firm griping
  • 25mm objective diameter and 8x magnification; with 15-foot close focus distance; 12mm eye reliefs.
  • Large center-focus knob for easy adjustments; Twist-up eyecups; Limited lifetime warranty


  • Outstanding field of view
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Included carrying case is too small and snug
  • Short eye relief
  • No lens caps included

Nikon Trailblazer ATB

Nikon Trailblazer ATBIf you haven’t yet used a Nikon product, then you need to try them out. From their cameras to best compact binoculars, all their products are amazing. I bought this compact for my son who accompanies me every time I go on a nature walk. The rugged, waterproof and compact design makes it ideal for traveling. What’s more, it boasts an excellent resolution which gives great images.


  • Lead- and Arsenic-Free Eco-Glass
  • High-Index BAK4 Roof Prisms for extra-high resolution images
  • Fully multi-coated optics maximize light transmission for brighter views and improved color fidelity and contrast
  • Nitrogen Filled, Water and Fogproof
  • Rubber Armored Body


  • Very durable and solidly made,
  • Compact and will fit into a jacket pocket
  • Exceptional image clarity for their size


  • Not ideal for those with shaky hands   


MINOX BV II 62030 BR best compact binocularsMINOX is a high-quality German-designed compact binocular. It’s ideal for all viewing needs and offers a wide viewing angle. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, this is the best binocular you can use. Its redesigned optics match the industry grades and offer incredible accuracy and focus on clearer images. The casing and straps included in the package make it portable and ideal for traveling. And yes, the 8 times magnification brings images closer and gives a sharper and clearer outcome.


  • Quality tested and designed in Germany
  • Used by professionals or recreational users worldwide
  • Include. case & strap
  • 8 Times Magnification with this Compact Binocular
  • Nitrogen filled ; fog-proof and waterproof
  • Twist up Eyecups to adjust eye relief
  • All Metal Construction
  • Fully Multi Coated lenses for bright images with excellent contrast


  • Fit in large pockets
  • Very sharp image quality and less perceived shake when using hand held
  • Can be used for astronomy/ night viewing, excellent price/value comparison


  • No lens caps                                       

Steiner Safari UltraSharp

Steiner Safari UltraSharp

Roof prism, anti-glare coated optics, fold-down rubber eyecups, 10 years warranty, durable polycarbonate with long life rubber armoring, waterproof/fog proof, UV coated lenses and high contrast lenses, 11mm eye relief, 2.75mm exit pupil 2.75mm, 125m field of view


  • Steiner Safari 8×22 Ultra Sharp Binoculars – Fit into any jacket pocket when folded together Thanks to the 8x magnification and high-performance High-Contrast-Optics, the most compact Safari UltraSharp is convincing with a glossy, sharp image.


  • Excellent in daytime conditions
  • Waterproof
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Easy to fit in jacket pocket


  • Images not as crisp when focusing on
    objects that are 2-20m away

Bushnell Power view

Bushnell Power viewIf you are looking for a simple, no-frills pair of binoculars, look no further. Earning the rating of best value, the Bushnell Powerview is the perfect size to keep in your backpack vehicle, pocket or purse. Whether you are bird watching, sightseeing, going to a concert or sporting event, or wildlife viewing, you’re likely to find what works best for you with multiple magnifications and colors to choose from.



  • Quality Material: Whether you take this out on the trails with you or hand it to your kids as their first pair of best compact binoculars, the durable design holds up to the task without compromising quality viewing.
  • Lightweight Carry Case: Coming with a canvas carrying case and a lens cleaning cloth, the Powerview is ready to go on an adventure with you. Also included is a neck strap for easy access while out and about.
  • Cost and Value: As the cheapest option outlined, the Bushnell Powerview offers durability and a decent range of view for a much smaller price than most others. If you aren’t looking for a fancy binocular, these are a great choice for you.


  • Roof prism design, fold down eyecups for glasses wearers
  • All air to glass surfaces are anti-reflective coated to aid light transmission
  • Rubber armored for protection
  • 10mm eye relief
  • 2.6mm exit pupil
  • 115m field of view


  • Durable material
  • Multipurpose
  • Comes with nice canvas case
  • Very compact
  • Adequate magnification for price     


  • Not water/fog-proof
  • A small range of view

Tasco Essentials

best compact binoculars Tasco EssentialsBoasting a magnification of 10 x 25mm, this is another best compact binoculars available on the market. The fully coated lenses offer bright and crystal clear images. What’s more, the roof prism system is an added advantage ensuring that you have the best viewing. My neighbor uses this binocular and it’s very hard to find him walking around without it. Of course, the compact and lightweight design makes it portable and easy to carry around.


  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last
  • Powerful 10x magnification
  • Protected by a rugged rubber armor
  • Fully coated optics for a bright, clear view
  • Compact size makes this an excellent choice for big game hunting in the mountains of wide-open country
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Folds completely to be very compact    


  • Slightly larger than models with a smaller objective lens, not great in low light situations, small field of view makes them less suitable for wildlife watching, not ideal for those  who wear glasses as you cannot see all of the field of view because of the small eye relief


BNISE Asika best compact binocularsBNISE Asika is a premium brand in the optical glass field; BNISE has devoted its professional design & production capability to optical high end premium products serving more than 20+ yrs.  The BNISE factory has more than 100+ optical glass professionals who creates optical system and do better research. BNISE provides higher quality, life-time and better service, durable optical products for consumers.


  • Binoculars for adults – with 303 ft / 1000 yds large field of view, 10x optical magnification, it is specially designed for variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, hunting, driving & bird eye watching in wildlife landscapes.
  • High-quality optics parts – The 18 mm eyepiece and 42 mm full multilayer coated film objective ensure a critical optics component. Which help your vision to become brighter and sharper and provides a razor-sharp images.
  • Durable frame and rubber-armored housing – firm protection allows it to withstand the harshest weather conditions. shock-absorbing rubber-armored housing absorbs vibration while providing firm grip for maximum protection.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight, optics are very high quality for this price range.


  • Size (but this is a consequence of the larger magnification)


G4Free best compact binocularThese no-nonsense best compact binoculars offer an affordable purchase to suite a variety of activities. Water-resistant, the G4Free will work great for sporting events, concerts, as an extra pair to keep in your vehicle, or as a gift for your kids. At a size of 4.5″ x 4.5″, these are truly compact, being too small for some larger hands. However, this quality also makes them perfect for easy storage virtually anywhere.

  • Kid-Friendly: With a low price point and a compact design, this would make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift your the little ones. A durable design, hard for kids to break easy, mean that they could last for years.
  • Low and High Light Conditions: Ability to use these during the daytime and dawn/dusk makes this a great option for those who need a decent multipurpose pair of best compact binoculars.
  • Cost and Value: Ranking as the second cheapest binocular, these are great for kids or adults who want something simple. While not waterproof, these will work great for a variety of low-intensity activities.


  • clear vision:full optical glass lens,bak4 structure, without color difference, image more sharp and clearer
  • premium optics:the optical multilayer composite green film has a better transmittance, even in weak light, it is still available
  • great magnification:with a combination of 10x magnification and wide angle,objective lens diameter of 25 has a wide field of vision 374ft / 1000yd


  • Clear magnification
  • Kid-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Works in low-light conditions              
  • Rugged, easy to grip design


  • Flimsy straps
  • Too small for some large hands       

Vortex Viper HD

Vortex Viper HD compact binocularVortex, a company focused on providing quality hunting scopes, rangefinders, best compact binoculars and other such equipment, has designed the Viper HD truly with the lightweight hunter in mind. Rugged design combined with high-quality optics makes this perfect for most outdoor activities.

  • 5′ Close Focus: With a close focus of 5′, these can be used as truly multipurpose so you can hone in on things both far away and right in front of you.
  • ArmorTek: The scratch-resistant coating on the exterior lenses helps protect them from scratches, dirt, and oil. The overall design boasts a rugged, non-slip grip for comfortable use.
  • Cost and Value: The Viper HD offers a high-quality, clear image comparable to many of the higher-end versions, but for a fraction of the price. Compared to other compact options outlined, it is on the more expensive side, but well worth the investment, especially given the lifetime warranty.


  • 10x magnification and 50mm objective lenses, the 2018 Viper HD is a high-end, full-size yet compact binocular that is suited for any hunt. An easy-to-grip, rubber armored chasis with perfectly placed thumb indents provides superior ergonomics.
  • A high density optical system delivers exeptional resolution and edge to edge clarity. XR anti-relfective lens coatings give bright, full views even in low light situations.
  • A locking, right-eye diopter tailors each barrels’ focus to your eyes. The smooth, center focus wheel provides fine focus control and quick sharp views. Twist-up eyecups rest comfortably against the face and provide customized eye relief.
  • Argon purging and o-ring seals provide a lifetime of waterproof and fogproof performance. Ultra-hard, scratch resistant armortek protects the exterior lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.
  • In the field, you should have no trouble reaching them at a moment’s notice with the included GlassPak Chest Harness providing comfortable, protected, strain-free, all-day carry.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rugged design
  • ED Glass
  • Water/fog-proof
  • Comfortable neck strap


  • Eyecup cover hard to use
  • Not as wide range of view as others

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. What are the most powerful best compact binoculars?
    From our list of Compact binoculars G4Free is best with great magnification combination of 10x magnification and wide angle,objective lens diameter of 25 has a wide field of vision 374ft / 1000yd at really good budget.
  2. What is the best magnification for binoculars?
    If we take an example like 10×42, then 10x means that, this compact binoculars have magnification power of 10x, which makes the view through them appear to be 10 times much closer than it appears to naked eye.
  3. What binoculars are best?
    Best suitable binocular will be of 7x to 10x power.

Remington F5 5800 Shaver | Best remington rotary shavers

Remington F5 5800 ShaverWhen it comes to making a choice of shaver you can rely on Remington F5 5800 Shaver , although it is always been difficult regardless of whether the choice is done by male, female or even a child! Choosing a suitable electric razor is similarly a difficult task, as shaving has always been a more time consuming of a man’s routine.  With the invention of more advanced razors,  Electric shaving has become less of a hassle.

Today, electric shavers make the process of shaving much easier for a lot of men. Rotary and foil electric razors have made it simpler for men to quickly shave and get an amazing day. The easiest way to clean an electric razor is by removing the main head and gently tapping and brushing the top to remove hair. One may also want to remove the dirt and inspect each cutter from time to time to ensure they are not flogged with hair.

Some models can be cleaned with running water specially with care when the razor is not plugged into the electrical socket, and most of the razors come with a small brush that used to get hair out of alcoves and splits. Some electric razors are self-cleaning and quickly clean the storage base interiors. Electric razors are available  in two traditional head styles: rotary and foil.

Rotary razors include three rotating cutters that lift and cut hair properly. Foil razors include one or two long, narrow heads that oscillate back and forth behind a thin piece of metal known as the screen. 

After discussing much about the electric razors, let us make it easy for the consumers by providing them with some of the top trending razors in the market:

  1. Braun series 9 920Cc
  2. Philips norelco 9000
  3. Remington F5 5800
  4. Panasonic Arc 3
  5. Wahl lifeproof shaver
  6. Braun series 3
  7. Panasonic arc 5
  8. Braun series M90

All these razors have secured their positions by evaluating people’s survey on their favourite razors that provide them a smooth, precise and clean shaven.

Getting a clean, smooth shave doesn’t always require the most expensive machinery. Remington’s popular foil shaver is a proof that you can gain professional shave experience at an affordable value. The device lasts a fullRemington F5 5800 Shaver hour on a charge and features an intercept trimmer that sits between the two foils and seizes longer hairs in fewer passes.

That along with an integrated pop-up trimmer for shape-ups, and patented Pivot and Flex technology that moves with your grooves, make it impossible to overlook this oscillating facial hair remover. The F5-5800 is a great foil-style rechargeable shaver that not only performs well, but is also available at a cheap price too. The Remington F5-5800 comes without frills, but if one is  looking for a shaver that provides a smooth and clean shave, then this is the shaver you need! It’s available in a black and charcoal finish, and has an easy on/off button. 

Let us pen down some unique features of Remington F5 5800 Shaver:

  • Intercept Shaving Technology- Pre-trims longer hairs
  • Pivot & Flex Foil Technology because of which the razor stays close to skin for smooth results
  • Rechargeable Battery- 60 minutes of cordless runtime
  • Pop-up Detail Trimmer that provides finishing touch on your facial hair and avoids sideburns
  • Easy to Clean- Washable under the faucet. Charging time – 2 hours

These features make this razor an excellent razor recommended by people. Let us now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Remington F5 5800 that make it a top trending razor in today’s era:


  • The given Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable foil with interceptor shaving technology offers the premium quality shave with F5 technology.
  • It can be charged quickly within the span of 5 minutes.
  • It comes with the benefit of Auto worldwide voltage so that it can be used anywhere in the world.Remington F5 5800 Shaver
  • It weighs only 15.5 ounces, so it is extremely portable.
  • There is the provision of protective heat guard to avoid any unnecessary damage.
  • It comes with the added advantage of free shipping.
  • It arrives with the benefit of rinsable design, so it is extremely easy to clean and maintain.


  • It is a high-quality trimmer with world class features that offer extremely efficient results.
  •  But there are a few customers who have found issue concerning the foil, so these customers can opt to have another trimmer.
  •  But, if you are looking for an innovative trimmer that comes with the latest features, then buying the given Remington must not be your preference.

Men consider this razor as one of the ideal trimmers that offer amazing performance owing to its use of innovative technology that provides the excellent outcomes with aptness.  Women too find this razor effective in terms of providing smooth skin.According to women, it is one of the most advanced technology driven trimmers that offers the distinctive features with excellence. 


Remington F5 5800 shaver promises that you’ll be able to get a great shave, with fewer passes. This means Remington F5 5800 Shaverthat your shaving chore will be quickly and easily completed in the morning, without fuss. If you haven’t shaved for two or three days, it is not a  problem with the Remington shaver. It’ll handle old and longer growth easily. The steel foils will pivot and move with the contours of your face.

This Remington F5 5800 Shaver contains everything you need for a great shave, and while the price is low, they haven’t cheapened out on the shaving experience. The Remington trimmer is considered as the most premium quality and result oriented trimmer that provides the incredible results. It is important to point out the fact that you need to comprehend its accurate maintenance and usage by reading carefully its manual of instructions to provide optimal outcomes. 

It is a well-known electric shaver brand which invented lots of  other electric shaver models, this foil shaver still remains the most popular.The Remington F5 5800 Shaver was released in 2013 and still remains a great value shaver. This is a great foil-style rechargeable shaver that not only performs well but also available at a great price.

Braun Cooltec Shaver Review | Best Shaver of 2020

Braun Cooltec Shaver Review

Choosing has never been an easy task but shavers like Braun Cooltec Shaver, whether it is a choice of any household item, study related topics, clothing or electronics. People believe the task of choosing is only limited to women! But, that’s just a myth in today’s reality. Even men too have to make a difficult choice when it comes to get perfect beard that gives them the desired look that suits their skin. Choosing a suitable electric razor that fits your skin is a challenging task. An electric razor is a razor with a moving blade, they generally don’t require a shaving cream, soap or water. It is charged by a DC motor or by the main electricity socket.

Braun Cooltec ShaverThere are mainly two types of electric razors, foil type razors and rotary style razors. Rotary style razors are generally cordless, they are charged up with a plug charger or they are placed within a cleaning or charging unit.  There are thousands of choices in the market, and these choices have continuously been raising consumer’s expectations. Listing below some of the top electric razors that have been establishing themselves as best razors in the nation worldwide:

Braun series have continuously been establishing themselves as the best brand for electric razorConventional shavers allow heat to build up in the shaver head. Braun Cooltec Shaver has a ThermoElectric Cooling element (TEC) between its shaving foil blades. Without any gels or lotions, it cools down the skin while shaving and leaves a lingering feeling of cool refreshment. Clinical tests have shown a significant reduction in shaving induced skin irritations like redness, burning and itching sensations.

Braun Cooltec Shaver

The sleek, lightweight electric shaver is fantastic to the naked eye and is ergonomic as well. It is comfortable to hold in your hands and isn’t going to cause much of a struggle. It’s designed to be used underwater or in dryconditions. It doesn’t where you are since the shaver will be able to battle through and provide the same experience every single time.

One of their main selling points is the “Active Cooling Technology” which is supposed to make shaving a soothing experience.  It’s easy on the skin and doesn’t create unnecessary irritation. The cooling technology is not a gimmick. It does lighten the “burning” sensation on the skin and makes it rather pleasant. Braun Cooltec Shaver is very easy to recharge and takes just about five minutes to get back to the situation of fully recharged. The LED display is nice and easy to read even when you are in the shower. It states the battery and the setting being used.

This makes it simpler for a person who might be fiddling around with the shaver. It does have a con when it comes to its battery life. It’s such a powerful machine and even recharges quickly, but the battery swaps out quickly too. Let us state some excellent features of Braun Cooltec Shaver that makes it an excellent razor:

  • Precision trimmer for closer shave
  • Provides active cooling technology that smoothes skin during shave
  • Patented sensoblade technology to maximize each stroke
  • Simple 5-minute charge for elongated battery life
  • Wet and dry shaving capability
  • 3-stage cutting system for all face types
  • Includes 2 year warranty

After discussing the features, let us discuss some disadvantages and advantages of the Braun Cooltec Shaver that makes it extremely unique and a preferred choice for consumers:-


  1. Very safe to use- If you want to achieve a safe shave, it is easy to achieve with this razor. With a manual razor, it takes a lot of potential and practice to achieve a safe and clean shave each and every time.
  2. Save money- Using an electric shaver means you won’t need to continually replace dull blades. Since you can achieve a great shave with the shaver alone, you can  save money by not buying expensive shaving Braun Cooltec Shaverproducts.
  3. Save time- You don’t have to spend extra time applying water and vague  products on your face before shaving as they are not required when using an electric shaver.
  4. Multi-purpose- Many can be used for more than just shaving a beard. They’re also effective for shaving without causing harmful sideburns on the skin.


  1. Pricey to start off– Although in the long run electric shavers may be a cheaper option, the upfront cost is higher.
  2. Shave offered is close but not as a manual- A great shave can be achieved with an electric shaver, but the closeness of the shave will very rarely rival that of a manual. However, some higher end shavers are on par with the manual blade in terms of closeness of the shave.
  3. Noise-  It is believed that fast results come with the cost of noise. Electric shavers tend to make some sort of noise when operating this razor
  4. Battery- They come with the general disadvantages of battery in the whole series. Despite this, the batteries fitted in electric shavers last for many many years without losing any run time. Most can also achieve a full charge in as little as an hour.

Men find this razor extremely useful for them as it provides them their desired shave. It did an incredible job when it came to precision. It was able to get to all parts of the face and make it look simple at the same time. Just a marvelous

Braun Cooltec Shaver

 feeling as you race across the face and it picks up everything. The shaver understands what it takes to remove hair and that is important. Women, who want to have super smooth skin find Braun Cooltec Shaver not an optimal but an optional choice, as the men’s range is much better than the women’s. This shaver is anintriguing option, but it becomes even more perplexing when you look at the lineup of models under the same label.

Braun Cooltec Shaver is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced dry shaver worldwide. CoolTec’s innovation is matched by its elegance. From the meticulous craftsmanship of the dual zoned, rubberized grip to the enduring strength of its ergonomic handle, the product’s dynamic design is the perfect balance of quality, functionality and programs that will change the way men do dry shave.

Philips Norelco AT830 Review | Best Dual Precision Shaver 2020

Philips Norelco AT830 Review

Everyone loves to get thousands of choices! Whether in any field, Check Philips Norelco AT830 & its your choices and the option to choose the best shaver. Same is with the choice of an electric razor. Choosing a suitable electric razor is one of the key elements in getting a close, comfortable and enjoyable shave. There’s a flood of different models out there and what may work best for someone won’t necessarily be the right choice for you. Several things are to be taken into consideration when you make a purchase regarding electric razor :

  • The coarseness of your facial hair
  • Whether you have sensitive skin
  • Shaving habits and preferences
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Budget and cost of ownership
  • The availability of replacement parts
  • Versatility, ergonomics and build quality

Let us make it easy for a consumer! Let us pen down some top trending electric razors :-

  1. Braun series 7 790cc
  2. Braun series 9-9095
  3. Panasonic ES-LV95
  4. Panasonic arc 4
  5. Wahl 8061
  6. Philips AT830
  7. Braun series 3 pro skin 3040s
  8. Remington F5 5800
  9. Panasonic Arc 3

An electric shaver provides smooth shaving without pulling hair follicles, which leads to cleaner results and no cuts, but there are many cheap electric razors out there that aren’t worth it. Rest assured, however, as we’ve brought you high-quality shavers from none other than Braun, the industry-leading German brand that has been innovation the way we shave since decades ago.

Electric shavers provide a very convenient way to get the right, close shave you are looking for. It’s all a matter of having the right tools, choosing the best shaver for you, and getting your technique down pat. Electric shavers are a sound investment, so you can happily stop buying expensive packs of razor heads that you need to change all too frequently.

They’re also great for when you’re in a hurry, and if your skin is slightly sensitive. Today’s electric razors are designed to give you the closest shave with little fuss, irritation, or the mess that comes with using shave gel or cream as well as those nasty nicks and cuts. Fashion Beans points out that because the blade never comes into direct contact with your skin, electric shavers are great if you are prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin.Philips Norelco AT830 Shaver Another plus for electric shavers is that they push the skin  and above of the cutters, rather than slicing the hair below the surface like the manual razors, which means that their can be risk of getting ingrowns.

The Philips Norelco AT830 PowerTouch electric razor ensures smooth and comfortable shaving. Through its Dual Precision Shaving System, it effectively cuts both long, lying hairs and short stubbles. Additionally, a handy pop up trimmer can be used to cut and shape sideburns, goatees, mustaches and others. This integrated trimmer has the perfect angle for trimming even hairs at vague parts like nose and ear. A complete grooming routine can be experienced using this razor.

The patented Super Lift and Cut technology features a dual-blade action that lifts hair in order to cut comfortably below skin level. An Aquatec seal provides for the option of either a dry shave or a wet shave with or without shaving cream, foam or gel. This means that it is 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower.

Features of Philips Norelco AT830:

  • Dual precision heads are created with slots and holes to quickly and comfortably shave both long and short hair
  •  This shaver’s aquatic technology allows you to shave with gel or foam for extra skin protection and for convenience
  • For best results, replace shaving head every 12 months with 50/52 head

There are numerous factors that make this razor unique, but no thing can only be beneficial! Listing below some pros and cons of Philips AT 830:


  • It’s 100% waterproof.
  • Comes with an anti-slip grip.
  • Dual precision shaving system.
  • Pop-up trimmer is included.
  • Pivot, float, and flex system.


  • It can’t be used while charging.
  • Cleaning station is not provided

 The Philips Norelco AT830 model brings convenience and functionality at your fingertips. It is the latest addition to the Norelco series bringing some very innovative features to the table of top electric razors. This is a cordless rotary shaver that can be used wet or dry. It is designed using DualPrecision heads which have holes to trim short stubble and long hairs effectively.

With the Super lift and cut dual blade available, this shaver lifts hair so that it can cut completely below the skin level. Pivoting heads provide speed and comfort. They explore a pivot, flex, and float design which ensures the blades stay in close contact with the skin but also remaining gentle for a fast shave. 


This shaver provides a comfortable wet and dry shave. It has an Aquatic seal, because of which it is 100% waterproof. It will be great use in the shower and when you are done shaving, just rinse it under the tap. It is a Philips Norelco AT830 Shaverperfect shaver which provides a skin protection mechanism. You don’t have to go looking for accessories to go with your new Philips Norelco AT830.

The shaver includes an integrated trimmer. You can complete your daily shaving routine by shaping your sideburns, mustaches, and goatees. Areas that are hard to shave such as the neck, jaw and chin can be easily shaved. The low friction heads are shaped such that the skin can be further protected. The rounds are designed to minimize cuts, skin irritation and injuries.It is a flexible razor that provides perfect shave with proper cleanliness, comfortableness and smooth shave.

According to men, this latest series of philips is recommended and is preferred by the. Even the women too prefer this razor for their desired smooth skin,  and to remove their unwanted hair. The phillips series has attained a top position in the recent years and has been raising the bars of competition for other companies!