Electric Shaver Wahl Professional 8061 | Low Cost Best Shaver For 2020

Wahl Professional 8061

So many choices are there in the market and a person has to choose the best razor! Check out about Wahl Professional 8061 shaver. It seems nearly impossible for a person to choose. Selecting one best razor in terms of shave, precision, clean, affordable and smooth shave is not an easy task. In this modern world, technology is growing very rapidly. The world of razors is no different.. You’ll agree with me that most of the men prefer the use of electric shavers to traditional manual blades.

That is because they are easier to use, less harsh on your skin, shaving with them doesn’t take long, and you don’t have to deal with cuts and nicks that leave blood on your face. Another plus for buying an electric shaver is that they usually last many years, and you don’t have to keep buying new shaving sticks all the time. This saves you money. Some top electric razors trending in the market are:-

Electric razors are typically made up of three cutting heads that are flexible, which makes it easier for the blades to come in contact with the contours of your neck. The cutting heads on a rotary razor move independent of each other.

That makes it easier for you to get a close shave of the contours of your neck and face. Although they are not complicated to use, some people need a little practice to become comfortable in learning to create an effective shaving pattern. They tend to be quieter than foil shavers, are better for shaving longer hair and give you the freedom of shaving in any direction.

The Wahl Professional 8061 is a rechargeable shaver that has a dark brown plastic rectangular shaped case with large black power button and wide yellow foil shaving blades. This shaver promises to get super close. Wahl is a brand that many are taking new notice of, after Matt Damon shaved off his beard in The Martian film with a Wahl brand shaver.

It was his way of saying that he was leaving his beard, and Mars, behind, while he returned back home.  It’s made with a coated hypoallergenic foil, to decrease discomfort and redness. It promises to not leave red bumps that can often happen after a shaver gets too close to the skin. It can be used with the cord, or charged up to be used without. 

Features of Wahl Professional 8061:-

  • Hypoallergenic foil

Even though most of the stylists, as well as barbers, do maintain strict hygiene standards but this shaver shaper comes with hypoallergenic foil on the top. This ensures that there is no fear of allergies or any other kind of infection from the shaver shaper. This is one of the main reasons why stylists, as well as barbers, prefer this shaver shaper as compared to others.Wahl Professional 8061

  • Cordless usage

While most of the shaver shapers come with the cord-based usage but Wahl Professional 8061-100 offers you cordless as well as cord-based use. This shaver shaper offers you the choice to use it in the way in which you prefer. It consists of a rechargeable battery which can last for 60 to 90 minutes. If you are using it for personal use, the charge holding time is pretty strong at 1 week. 

  • Bump free shaving

One of the main reasons why this shaver shaper is so popular is because of the design of the foil which shaves the hair. The shave can get really close to the skin as compared to a normal razor. This ensures that you are not only able to get a bump free shave but also you can trim the hair without leaving any larger chunks of hair in between. This provides you with the perfect precision shave. 

  • Versatile use

This shaver shaper is not just for your facial hair. You can easily use it for the neck as well as the head. The slender design ensure Many of us that you are able to easily remove a sizeable amount of hair without having to move the shaver shaper over the same area again and again. Also owing to the super close shaving capability it is a great option for trimming the head. It provides a really smooth and close shave when it comes to the hair on the head.

  • Compact and light

Many of the stylists, as well as the barbers, use the shaver shaper throughout the day. In order to be comfortable while using it, they always look for a light and compact shaver shaper. This one fits the bill perfectly. It weighs just 8 ounces. 

There are several advantages as well as disadvantages that make this razor different from others.

Listing below pros and cons of Wahl professional 8061-


  • Designed for heavy duty professional use
  • Super Close Shave
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for facial, head, neck hair
  • Rechargeable
  • Bump-free shave
  • No redness after shaving
  • Good battery life
  • Works with normal as well as ethnic hair
  • Long Battery Standby time


  • Can be a bit noisy
  • No low battery indicator
  • Packaging is not up to the mark
  • Foil needs frequent replacements

The Wahl Professional 8061 shaver is perfect to be used to shave face, beard, neck, and head. Its wide foil head has a long slender design in the other direction, so it can be used as a shaper as well. It will be easier to trim around sideburns and beard than with other types of rechargeable shavers. Many men who shave their head down to bald will find that this shaver does a great job.

The head is one spot where you want a smooth shave, yet you don’t want any lingering discomfort afterwards. According to men,it is  likely to keep the shaver cord plugged in, and then disconnect it to shave. This avoids the chance that there won’t be enough power to shave cordlessly.

There is no battery charge indicator so you won’t know when power is running low until it stops working. Women too find this razor effective for their skin but only for some preferred type of skin. It is more suitable for men’s skin. 

Philips Shaver series 9000 Review | Best iF Design

Philips Shaver series 9000

Given thousands of choices and choosing one best among them is not a fluent task. Mentioning Philips Shaver series 9000 review which can help you to choose best. So is with the choice of an electric razor. What a person looks in an electric razor specifically? Blades, size, affordability, comfort, design, weight and performance all these characters are crucial while choosing the suitable electric razor. 

An electric razor uses spinning blades or blades that undulate back and forth to cut the coarse hairs on the face tightly to the skin. The heads on electric shavers will flex singularly from each other, allowing the razor to match outlines of your face, which helps you achieve a closer shave. One of the best features of modern electric razors is the ability to use them in wet or dry environments, as well as with shaving gel or foam. When choosing the best razor people need to know some prior clues that might help them:

  1. Closeness- There is difference between utilising a beard trimmer to shave and a proper electric razor.
  2. Comfort and Convenience- The comfort a razor gives protection to you against damage to the skin  and convenience in holding.
  3. Technology-  Emerging technology these days is a big boon ! A perfect razor is the one with the best technology installed.
  4. Speed- The razor with the best speed is always preferred by the people.

Top electric razors you can buy are:

Choosing one best is like knitting a thread in the needle, seems easy but not everyone’s cup of tea.! The best razor a person selects should satisfy them in terms of every characteristic they desire to have. Philips has a line of popular electric cordless shavers, and is one of the leading manufacturers of lighting, and healthcare equipment around the world.

The Philips Shaver series 9000 Shaver won the iF Design Awards for outstanding design. The Philips Shaver 9700 is available wet or dry. You can use it over the sink, or take it into the shower to expedite getting ready in the morning. It’s completely resistant to water, so you won’t have to worry about wrecking your shaver.Philips Shaver series 9000 This Philips shaver holds special V track blades that will cut off most hair in one slot.

The Contour Detect Technology will also work with all shapes and sizes of facial skin, easily working below jawline and under the chin. Each of the three shaving heads will move independently of each other. This shaver has customizable settings. Choose the speed setting that works best for your skin, and your type of facial hair.

Choices you can choose from include a slow shave, which is skin-friendly, a medium shave to have a more thorough shave done, or fast, which gives a high-powered shave for when you need to get ready quickly in the morning.


  • Contour Detect Technology to cut precisely to all face shapes
  • Blades go in eight directions for a smooth experience
  • A separate Trimmer to catch sideburns or for shaping
  • SmartClean system to clean and prolong your shavers life
  • Three-speed settings to choose from, depending on skin and hair type
  • An LED display of remaining battery so you know when to charge it
  • Wet and Dry functionality
  • 20% more hair after every stroke for a smoother shave
  • 30% closer shave for a smoother look

Listed below are some pros and cons of Philips Series shaver 9000 that makes it unique and differentiated product from others:

Pros & Cons Of Philips Shaver series 9000


  1. Quick and easy to clean:Smartclean System– The SmartClean system cleans, lubricates, dries and charges this shaver, which saves you time and effort cleaning it. It is alcohol-free, which means it is sensitive to skin, and its dual-filtration system gives it a thorough clean, and with each clean cycle it charges, so your shaver is ready to use, whenever you need.
  2. Lightweight and quiet design– The running is smooth, quiet and the model is light-weight. This means that if you are spending some time shaving your beard, or head, or wherever, it won’t make your arms ache. A lot of people are using this shaver for their head, and again, it is doing an applause-worthy job.
  3. Smart technology: LED screen and user interface- With all the smart technology around us, it is no surprise that the shaver comes with a Smart LED User Interface Display. It allows more control over the shaver and displays the battery level, the cleaning cycle indicator, the replacement head indicator and the travel lock indicator.
  4. Lithium powered battery- The shaver is complete with a lithium-ion power battery, which gives you an hour of shaving with a full charge, and if you have forgotten to charge it, it charges for a full shave within 5 minutes.


  1. Trimmer that is not integrated
  2. No head guard
  3. No stand if you don’t buy the cleaning station
  4. If not a regular user of trimmer then it may be of less use to a person.
  5. The rotary shaver of this series doesn’t provide a better and a perfect shave that a person desires.

The Philips Shaver series 9000  rotary shaver, with a crux tri-blade head and available in wet and dry.The men’s review for the shaver series states  the 9000 is a really sleek, impressive looking shaver that does a pretty decent job, and likely ranks at the top of what is possible with an electric shaver.

Philips Shaver series 9000If you’re looking for smoothness and no facial hair, it can definitely solve your problem, if you can accept the high price tag. Not even men, but women also use the Philips shaver series 9000 , the women’s review states there are those who opt for the convenience, versatility and “safety” of electric razors, and those who prefer the time consuming, less-expensive and usually-closer manual shave.

The Philips Norelco Shaver in the 9000 series promises a new and magnificent experience in shaving. With the Contour Detect technology, the shaver moves in eight directions, follows the curves of every face shape, and this naturally helps cut up to 20% more hair, giving a 30% closer shave and perfect too.

10 Best wireless routers 2020 – The Buyer’s Guide

10 Best wireless router

Have you ever wondered what’s the next best thing that we, humans, want to survive on other than the basic needs? The technology and in this race, Best wireless router Wi-Fi takes the lead. So here, we are putting forth what these routers do, why they are important and what should be the parameters of selection etc. The Best network routers play an important role in today’s generation of top speed searches. 

  • The wireless internet router can be judged on the basis of the brand, first thing. Then, you can decide which one to finalize based on its reviews by the market experts and the ex-users.
  • It is very much possible that you might have used a product from a top router brand, and that failed. It obviously happens. But to be noted that every network router is independent of its features when compared to its previous models.
  • The price range. The price of a product varies from online and offline. So considering both the things for buying the wireless network router would be the best thing to save you some money, in case the prices vary a lot.

Best Wireless Routers 2020

TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi  (Latest Technology Router)TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi

For most of the people, router connections and their specifications do not really matter, but as a matter of a fact; all the specifications of a router and the internet connections have to be considered and given a thought to. The TP- Link Talon AD7200 is likely one of the most trusted Multi-band i-Fi routers. In the fast-growing technologically apt world, it is important to match the levels of the technology.

Now the world is at a faster pace, the new wireless technology- 802.11ad standard is completely supported by the . This has been considered as the breakthrough of the recent and the updated versions of the Wi-Fi tech. Here is the review of the product, as to why it is a recommended network router.


  • Installation
    Wi-Fi and hotspots are something we all have been very used to. A router works the most efficient and comes about as the top router brands only when it is able to sustain a lot of load. It is very much easy to launch this into systems and devices, owing to the guides and the help from the technical team.
  • Performance:
    Over repeated experiments and experience of a pretty decent time with the Talon AD7200, we have drawn the conclusion as to why someone can trust the product. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best wireless routers.
  • Features

    With 7200mbps combined wireless speeds, including speeds of up to 800mbps on the 2.3GHz band, this has been recorded and voted as the best home wireless router. Now the question arises about other band lengths where the router would work with the same efficiency. It is the best thing to note that the router works on multiple band lengths like 5GHz to 60GHz.
    Stability- With the commercial or domestic use of Wi-Fi, people have always complained about unstable networks and fluctuating speeds. The best thing about this product, Talon AD7200 is that it has stability and maximum speed durability as well. Eight External high performance antennas have always helped the product have the maximum coverage. It has been covered down as the fastest router 2017 due to this very reason.
  • Multiple devices connectivity- Again, having said above point, Wi-Fi connections and routers fail when multiple devices are connected to it.
  • Even though they have the specification that around 15-20 devices can be connected, they still lack the power and efficiency.
  • But the Talon AD7200 beats this vey issue as well. Multi-bandtechnology helps you attain three distinct networks making it easierfor multiple connections to survive well.
  • And the router still holds the same efficiency, because of
    this technology. It is by far the best router to buy, be it for  domestic purposes or commercial; it satisfies almost every needs router needs to satisfy.
  • The looks of the device aren’t very much attractive for the previous products that the brand has launched.

Google Wi-Fi router – (Best Range wifi router)

Google Wi-Fi routerGoogle has never ceased to amaze its users and the worldwide competitors with its innovations and technologically precise instruments and devices. Again, the new Google Wi-Fi router is giving a head on competition to every market-viable competitor.

In case if you have big house or office then this will definitely help to maintain a constant internet connectivity and you will never disconnect.

It includes the free mobile app, with parental-control. It allows the parents or the elders to hold control over the usage of the Google Wi-Fi. It is hence very much preferred amongst the elders and parents with kids. This is the prime reason why Google comes about as one of the top router brands.

After reviewing the product, its pros, and cons, its prime specifications; we have concluded and given forth the following opinions on it-

Installation & Features:

  • Installation: The Google Wi-Fi allows accessibility. It simply implies that the wireless internet router would be keeping intact the user’s access point and once the user goes beyond the access point, the WI-Fi provides new login address and password for different accessibility. It is very easy to install.
  • Features: The Google Wi-Fi- router, so far is the best wireless router. It has built-in network assist feature that allows you to roam freely around the house without having the network connection go lose or unstable networks. This is one of the premises made by the company, and it evidently has been standing on it. It is the best home wireless router that one can trust on, since it uses logic to optimize network and connectivity.
  • It blankets the entire workplace, no . matter the size. It comes in a set of two. For a small knit-house, a single router would be fine. But for a workplace or a large place, two routers can do. These two routers blanket the entire place without disturbing the connectivity and the stability of the networks and places. It makes it the best wireless router to buy.
  • Its prices- The best thing about the Google Wi-Fi is its price. It is very reasonable for the facilities it provides.
  • The recent updates have been facing the connectivity issues. The major drawback began when there was an update in the system. Many users had to go and lodge a complaint at the main office regarding the same, owing to connection drops and complete connection loss. Though Google hadn’t responded, the technical aspects call out to say that these issues are minor.
  • It does not support VPN. It does not support VPN clients either. So it faces issues with connecting to the VPN. This is the major drawback the network faces and the router has. The reason why peopleare re-thinking about settling with the network router.

ASUS RT-AC88U (Best Choice for Gamers)

The ASUS has always been in the list of the top router brands. There are definitely a number of

ASUS RT-AC88U wifi router

reasons for the same, a few of which are discussed below. ASUS recently launched the new ASUS RT- AC88U. It has been so far voted as the best dual-band router 2017 due to its prime specifications and functions. The company has always had a say in its market as well as the customer review point of view.


When it comes to the performance of a router, any brand would be able to satisfy the basic need of multiple devices being connected and of speed. But a few companies lose their performance scale in the starting days itself. The wireless internet router has had a pretty decent scale of performance so far. Here are the main features, its performance graph and about the installation lookouts.

  • Installation: Installing the new ASUS RT-AC88U is pretty easy owing to the web interface facilities it is provided with. The network router comes with the recent technology of the self-launching system.
  • Performance: When it comes to rating a network router on basis of certain parameters, several tests and aspects are considered. ASUS RT-AC88U satisfies long range connectivity, Wi-Fi speeds, multiple connections and load sustainability making it the best wireless router to buy.
  • Features
    Having robust in the recent technology is something that every fastest router 2017 should hold. The ASUS RT AC 88U has the amazing feature of amazing, inbuilt slew network-monitoring features, built-in VPN server.
    Many of the recent router brands have skipped considering the VPN networks and clients, but the ASUS has it all. The router also supports Mu-MIMO and the unique features for gaming and gamers.
  1. Ranked as the best internet router for large home, it’s the first home router to have 8 Gigabit ports.
  2. ASUS actually is a best wireless router for gaming
    has it has unique in- built features of gamers, the speed and connectivity for the same and the load that it can sustain even after having multiple connections.
  3. It supports VPN clients and networking, that even Google failed to do in the recent wireless routers. That comes as a plus point of ASUS- RT
  1. The price is pretty high of the router. Even though there are many features in this product, one might not be agreeing with the price.
  2. Many people have complained about the USB placing in the router. The experts come about saying that the placing could have been better.
  3. After coupling with NAS, the router turns down a bit in terms of performance and gives only the speed and connectivity that one pays for the router.

NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 (Best Router under $200)

It is actually a dream come true for the gamers across the globe if their WI-Fi routers do not give any lag and buffering NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000space, and browse with utmost speed. Now, the next-generation NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 or AC1900 Dual-band is up for the game and competition to stand as the best wireless router for gaming. In a world of peace and survival, the top router brands have always ceased to amaze us with new innovations.

Here are some of the key information that one would always need head up while considering the network router-


  • Installation: It does not allow completely self-launching system, though, but has amazingly easy features that allows any user to just install the router at his place.
    The wireless internet router does not leave any space for complications when it comes to the installation part. It looks pretty decent and shows that the company has focused on the aesthetics part.
  • Performance: As a matter of fact, the performance is usually just not about the speed. It is also about the stability with which a network router connects and works. It comes about as the best wireless router for long range, owing to its next generation technology and aspects. It gives stability and connectivity as well as the stability that one would user would look in the NETGEAR wireless router.
  • Features
    t is extremely convenient for gaming zones, continuous and extreme level gamers with 1GHz dual core processor. It gives space for speed and less of buffering and lagging issues. The recent updates have almost negligible amount of people complaining about the lag, voting it to be the best wireless router. 

    It uses Amazon Alexa that controls your home connections and also takes voice commands. It makes the router to add up on the list of top router brands.

  • The best thing about the NETGEAR wireless router is that it comes with the facility to run 3rd party firmware based on Linux.
  • The best gigabit wireless router actually has the QoS too
    .That is, one can analyze the quality of service. The uupstream and downstream connectivity of the wireless router.
  • The aesthetic aspects of the network router have been madeon point. The looks and built-in features of it have been made good made on point.
  • The looks and built-in features of it have been made good
  • The features of the router is pretty good, but the software features do not hold any finishing.
  • The 1GhZ is pretty low for the cost the company asks for the router.
  • Also, the product is pretty bulky for the size. The extended features come with a price of the bulkiness of the router.

D-Link DIR 890L Tri-Band (Best Range Wireless Router)

 (Editor’s Choice) The current generation faces a lot of drawbacks owing to the reason that the wireless connections never really match up the standards of the sites and the apps the consumers use. That is, the current apps and the D-Link-DIR-890l-Reviewwebsites are of high load and without a stable connection, no user will be able to use them precisely. Coming to the network router of the year, there are certain things that one should keep in mind before going for it. Here are some of the specifications, performance analysis was done on one of the top router brands-


The best internet router for large home does not simply come along with the best appearance and speeds, it starts right from the installation part and ends to the user-part. Everything that lies between these two points come under the sector of the performance graph and analysis.

[su_tabs class=”my-custom-tabs”]
[su_tab title=”Installation”]It requires a little support from the company user guide to install the wireless internet router. Unlike other routers, this router is not completely self-sufficient. It needs help from the user-guide.  [/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Performance”]

  • Unlike usual wireless internet routers, this one does not go peek down in the analysis of the performance. As known, performance is calculated based on the way it holds the stability for a longer period of time. The D Link DIR 890L satisfies the main thing for which one would want best wireless router to buy; and that is speed. It defines new levels of speed when it comes to the way it handles the loads of the sites.
  • More Wi-Fi coverage and power is the best catch for the network router.

[su_tab title=”Features”]

  • It has the capacity to double up by a NAS when added with an external hardware drive. It is the router best buy because of this one facility.  
  • Tri-Band technology with smart connect. The wireless internet routers basically work on the bands and the wavelengths. The tri-band technology allows the user to have the maximum possible advantage of the router best buy.


  • The design elements of the router have been made so much on point that the commercial use of the router is based on one of the reasons of the looks. Red with the sharp black look, it gives great body and looks to the product.
  • It becomes the best wireless router 2017 due to the reason that it is Tri- band. It comes with six antennas that promise pretty decent range of operation.
  • The NAS External hard drive is a bonus.
  • For a normal domestic consumer, this product is not a good catch. It might overkill the consumer with lesser needs of internet connections.
  • It has only 4 LAN ports, not something commercial users would go for.
  • The 6 antennas can’t be detached.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 (Expensive yet Powerful wifi)NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 

This is that one wireless router that can be called as both best home wireless router and best wireless router for gaming.This is the router that is trusted by the gaming zones as well as the houses for the domestic purposes. The main attraction of the NETGEAR X10 is the instant downloading capacities of the router and the internet connections.

Here are some of the relevant information that a buyer would need to decide whether or not to it is the best wireless router to buy.


[su_tabs class=”my-custom-tabs”]
[su_tab title=”Installation”]  Installation is pretty easy when it is about the NETGEAR Nighthawk X10. It is semi loaded with the self-reliant launching system and is easy eve for a beginner to go for the network router. The best thing being, NETGEAR wireless router is always supported with the ability to satisfy its very own users and company benefits.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Performance”]

  • The performance of the NETGEAR wireless router is solely based on the way one would use. It is completely efficient and does a lot of work for the kind of pay one gives for it, and the kind of appearance it has. It gives a really good speed, no matter what the load is. That’s the speciality of the best wireless router 2017.
  • Its performance does not go down after a certain time or range. That is again the plus point for the network router.

[su_tab title=”Features”]

  • Nighthawk X10 comes with 802.11ac, 802.11ad Wi-Fi technology and is trusted to be the fastest amongst the recent and the current competitors.
  • It also has 7 Gigabit that doubles up the speed, along with the 160 MHz The antennas have had been given the tag of the one of the best network routers, owing to its speed and range of covering.


  • Who doesn’t want multiple streaming and tabs on once laptops? Multiple streaming is the key and the base for anything these days, and this is the plus point of the NETGEAR wireless router.
  • Four patented external antennas make it easier for the user to operate the wireless internet router on their devices, with multiple connectivity.
  • It paces up the VR gaming in ways unpredictable. For the professional gamers and gaming zones, internet connectivity is the prime thing to focus on. X10 provides the best of the speeds without lag and buffering issues.
  • The basic drawback of this device is that only a certain systems support this connection and networking system. Not all of the devices support the network currently.
  • For the functions it performs, the price is pretty high and it causes the domestic and the average crowd not to go for it.

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena MU-MIMO:

The Athena is best used for household services and requirements. It is therefore voted by its very own users as the best home wireless router, because of its ability to hold multiple devices Amped Wireless RTA2600within the vicinity. In the generation of high-speeds and high gains, the Athena does not disappoint. It has amazingly high-tech features to suit the Tech-savvy generation. Here are some of the important aspects, features and its installation programs of the Athena MU-MIMO.

In the generation of high-speeds and high gains, the Athena does not disappoint. It has amazingly high-tech features to suit the Tech-savvy generation. Here are some of the important aspects, features and its installation programs of the Athena MU-MIMO.

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[su_tab title=”Installation”]  The installation is pretty easy for this device, like many other devices we have so far in the technologically-apt industries. But the only thing that remains is, it needs user-guide to get along with the installing processes.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Performance”]

  • The performance is judged by many aspects of a product. And when it is the discussion of the wireless internet router, many things have to be considered to call it something worth giving money for.
  • It has antennas that gives high speed to the device that assists it to become the fastest router 2017.
  • The connectivity is pretty stable for the brand. It is actually one of the best router brands, though, but still many of the devices of this brand have been facing issues with the connection.

[su_tab title=”Features”]

  • As many of the wireless routers and modems, it does have a lot of features to facilitate the domestic and the commercial users, no matter what the load it. It has the capacity to sustain any type of load.
  • It has 4 high-gain antennas that assist a lot to the speed and the range of functioning, which is very much important in today-s high-tech world. Now the main question arises as to what exactly its plus point is. The plus point is the 16 amplifiers that have a role to play in the long range. That makes it the best internet wireless router for the price.


  • It managed to do well in the tests by the viewers and the competitors. Even though it didn’t not do exceptionally well in the tests, but over and all it is fair for the domestic users and usage.
  • It does not consume time in installing, buffering and lagging. It saves a lot of time that usually people set to analyze what might be wrong with a certain network router.
  • It’s compact structure and designs are the best parts of the entire structure. It is quite compact, with aesthetic designs, look and function.
  • It does not have a lot of features that many of the wireless internet routers have.
  • For the minimal features in some of the areas, the price might not be looking  give it a shot to this device, while we have many other better featured devices in the same price.

Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT Dual-Band:

The WRT is equipped with the brand new technology that felicitates every kind of recent and the next generation needs. Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRTSpeed, performance, coverage, connection and many other features have been given due importance to. This one network router wouldn’t fail in any aspect, be it whatever test the consumer or the competitors put forth at.

Equipped with 1.6 GHz Dual core ARM processor, it gives the ultimate speed and load sustaining capacities as well. We will discuss this wireless internet router in detail, in the further points. Keeping in mind that it has been reportedly voted the best home wireless router of the year for all the domestic and low-scale commercial purposes.


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[su_tab title=”Installation”]  

Like any modern and recent next generation devices, this router too has easy installing processes. It only requires the user to go through the user-guide once and settle the system and the laptop or the computer he needs to connect with. The self-launching technique will take care of the rest of the duties.


[su_tab title=”Performance”]

  • The fastest router 2017 is the perfect device to use in case of the domestic usage where the load doesn’t exceed a certain mark on a daily regular basis. Also, for the commercial usage, if the number of devices connected doesn’t exceed a certain minimum points, then it can trusted here as well. It has good speed and connection range.
  • It has Gigabit Ethernet ports to share files and as many as one would really require to, in a regular basis. This is additional advantage.

[su_tab title=”Features”]

  • It has four antennas that allows easy networking as a part of the wireless internet router and the best wireless router 2017.
  • Its ease to setup and load is the best feature of this product in the market, giving a tough challenge to all the other top router brands.


  • The look of the product is a typical classic and well designed. The first thing that usually people look for, after speeds, is the look of the device. It satisfies the requirement.
  • It supports universal Plug and Play, the best additional feature of the device.
  • The LINKYS doubled up the device with NAS.
  • It is pretty bulky and not appropriate to carry or replace a multiple times. It bulkiness is the hindrance for it to become the best wireless internet router 2017.
  • It doesn’t facilitate a lot of the features in the market, but has pretty decent performance in many of the tests conducted.
  • Lacks network enthusiasts, due to lack of popularity amongst the leading enthusiasts of the technology.

TP-Link Archer C7 Dual-Band  Dual Band

It comes under the category of the wireless internet router brands who are specially made for the gaming zones and theTP-Link Archer C7 Dual-Band hard-core gamers. its feature to not lag and to stop for buffering is the main attraction and has always been in the demand. The network router makes it possible for many of the competitors to appreciate the work of the company and the engineers in designing this one router.

Here are some of the features, the helpful advice of the same. To be added that this is the best wireless router for gaming, so far. Go ahead and read its reviews-


[su_tabs class=”my-custom-tabs”]
[su_tab title=”Installation”]  

The installation of these top router brands has always been very easy and straight forward without having to play with the device and without having to increase the work of the user while installing. Installation is the prime process where the user is quick with judging any product. Hence this process needs to be made simple and quick even for the learners. [/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Performance”]

  • Its speed is the thing to comment on. Pretty decent speed for the price the user pays for it. The total available band lengths make it possible for the router to have a long range connectivity. Domestically, it is the best internet router for large homes.
  • Even in terms of multiple connectivity, it has the capacity decent number of devices connected to it.

[su_tab title=”Features”]

  • It is the next-generation dual-band Gigabit router that has the best of the speeds for its price and the best of connection for gaming and VR levels.
  • It is the superior choice for seamless HD streaming, online gaming and downloading high loaded files at very high speeds. It gives the fastest router 2017 a tough competition.



  • The price and performance ratio is pretty supported and doesn’t tend to disappoint the user in any aspect.
  • The dual band wireless internet router has naturally a 6 antenna system. Here, there are 3 antennas internally connected and three of them external. That increases the overall longevity of the device.
  • 1.75gbps speed is everything a VR gaming zone or a simple gamer would ask for.
  • Even though the look is stylish, it doesn’t hit the mark as expected from any high-end wireless internet routers.

Apple AirPort Extreme Dual-Band

The flawless brand, the super extremely superior brand- Apple can never go, it seems? Well, yes. It clearly makes it to Apple AirPort Extreme Dual-Bandthe list of the top wireless routers brands 2017 and hasn’t left any stone unturned to help this device become the fastest router 2017. Well, it seems clearly inevitable for Apple to not come to his list.

Here are some of the main features and reviews of the Apple AirPort and as to why it is successful in reaching the marks made by the brand. The AirPort is quite famous as the network router for the speed it delivers, technically having the 6 element beam-forming antenna array.


[su_tabs class=”my-custom-tabs”]
[su_tab title=”Installation”]  

First thing having in mind that this device is compatible with a lot of systems like- iOS devices, apple TVs, windows based PCs etc. This makes it easy for the user to successfully install the device on the systems. Hence, as per the standard of the brand Apple, this product has managed to break the records.


[su_tab title=”Performance”]

The speed is everything it needs to say that it is the best wireless internet router for gaming. Do not forget that it is a double group wireless router and facilitates the newest Wi-Fi requirements as well. The wireless router becomes manifest pretty quickly in all the assessments tossed at it, another best part about this wireless router is the amount of Wi-Fi balance and rate it provides. To be very sincere, The apple company truly outdid themselves with this wireless router as it has everything on the right identity as the best wireless internet router for home.

[su_tab title=”Features”]

This is something arriving out of Apple’s very own helm, and you should know that the wireless router looks exactly like something that will be generated by The apple company. With that said, and looks apart, the wireless router is actually very able and works really well.



  • To be very honest, Apple truly proved themselves with this router as it has everything on its place with the recent 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz; input current: 1.5 amp.
  • It has the best thing that is the heights up to which the speed consult. Maximum operating altitude: 3,000 metres (10,000 feet).
  • USB 2 port for connecting a USB printer or hard drive is the main feature of this product.
  • There aren’t any that will create you re-evaluate your choice of purchasing this wireless router.
  • The only issue we have is that the wireless router could have been a appropriate update over its forerunners, but it wasn’t, and although it is quite quick and awesome, the improvements seemed very subjective.
  • All the upgrades over the predecessor happen to be subjective

Buyers Guide for Wireless Routers 

How do the devices connect to these wireless internet routers?

The antennas are the transmitter and the devices- be it laptops or phones are equipped with receivers. That’s how it is done. These antennas transmit radio signals through the band lengths or the wavelengths of the operation. The receivers accept these signals and hence the connectivity. True, we have different types of messages to be transmitted like photos, videos etc, and they are all needed to be transmitted in the exact way. These antennas and the receivers have encoded messages that get transformed at the ends.

What are the single-band, double band and the tri-band?

  • Single band- It strictly sticks to one single wavelength. That is specified for a particular wireless internet router and the top router brand. That has to be kept in mind as to what is the bandwidth of the router. That is, a band or the wavelength is the certain thing where the signals are transmitted and no signal should go here or there, that causes cross-connection which rarely occurs in the case of the routers.
  • Dual-band is the concept where the wireless routers have two bandwidths to stick to, and two signals via which they work. That is their specialization to stick to two specified wavelengths.
  • Tri-band The same thing, they have three signal-transmitting bandwidths or band lengths. Here, one is host wavelength and the remaining two are the actual bandwidths. According to the recent technologies, these network routers with tri-band wavelengths are the fastest and provide optimum performance and signal transmitting facility because they have three bands.

What’s the assurance of these routers?

The main question is that how are we to trust that these network routers do not cross the signals and the information of the users?

Here’s the concept- The IP address of the laptop or the phone is stored while installing the wireless internet router and that’s how the information isn’t lost to other devices and is safe with the user. On a smaller level, the security might also concern with the passwords of the devices that doesn’t allow any random device to connect to the router. Both of these security options should be kept in mind beforehand.

Best Mini Waterproof Spy Camera For 2020

Best Mini Waterproof Spy Camera

ZZCP WiFi Full Mini Waterproof Spy Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection

 The smallest wifi camera with a waterproof case on the market is the ZZCP Mini Waterproof Spy Camera. It Can capture more clear and wider visual range images than other tiny cameras with 1080P, 760P, 640P, and 480P resolutions, 140° wide-angle Waterproof Spy Camera Wirelesslens,6pcs IR led lights.

It is ideal for being utilized as a security monitor camera in your places to improve the security of home, office, store, or warehouse. You will be able to remotely master each and every corner of your place from your Android or iOS device through a phone app so that you merely will miss nothing of your place.

ZZCP small video camera is a Mini Waterproof Spy Camera with multi-function and it can be utilized not only for wifi remote real-time viewing but also as a mini DV for outdoor use without wifi access. You can record videos directly by embedding an 8GB-128GB micro SD card and turn on the video camera.

The spycam can be installed a variety of methods as it comes with a lot of accessories. Primarily the durable waterproof case is very proper for video recording while water sports in summer utilize it as an underwater camera or a portable mini camera to shift about and register enjoyable moments such as skiing in the summer, so you will not miss any amazing moments.


  • ZZCP Wifi Spy Camera: It is the smallest portable wireless wifi spy gear available. You will be able to take extremely clear and wider video with the features HD 1080P & 140°Wide angle that is available. It is perfect as a video camera/ wifi security camera / a cop cam/nanny cam or body cam and pet cam for both recording and capturing images and videos on the iOS / Android app.
  • Practical Waterproof Camera: ZZCP Mini Waterproof Spy Camera will record video automatically It Just needs a micro sd card to be inserted and wifi feature to be turned off. Our mini video camera comes along with a variety of accessories comprising of a durable plastic waterproof case that makes it perfect for using as an outdoor mini sports DV to record your wonderful and colorful life in water sports like surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming and drifting.
  • Two in One Wireless Mini Body Camera: ZZCP wireless camera is also able to record without wifi condition and not only supports connect to phone app technology. When using wifi mode, you can view real-time images remotely through your ios/ Android device with the help of a phone app. ZZCP small camera is also having the feature of recording video and save it to a micro SD card for your outdoor recording without wifi. The mini wifi camera is built-in 450 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and thus it can last for 100 mins in wifi mode and 150 mins without using wifi mode.
  • Motion Detection & IR Night Vision: Your phone will receive  cloud

What’s In the Box

  • 1 * MD18S Camera 
  • 1 * Truck base clamp 
  • 1 * pedestal 
  • 1 * back splint 
  • 1 * Data line 
  • 1 *User instruction


  • Dimensions :0.8 x 0.6 x 2 inches
  • Weight :0.8ounces
  • Manufacturer: ZZCP

Yogered WiFi Spy Camera, WiFi Waterproof Recorder,

The sturdy charging cable that comes along with the hidden spy camera allows you to change the recording angle as per your wish while charging during recording. Spy miniature camera encompasses 6 hidden infrared LEDs without lighting, night vision Waterproof Spy Camera Wirelessdistance of 16.4 feet and can be turned on or off remotely. This hidden home camera provides you with an excellent experience that is fully protected at night, even in the dark, rather than seeing limited focus at any time of day or night, so there are no longer worries about recording at night


  • WiFi connection is (only 2.4 GHz) compatible with phone
  • To watch remotely when you left home, you can broadcast live through the “HICAM IPC” application (iOS and Android available).
  • The Mini Waterproof Spy Camera in the world (1.5 x 0.59 inches, 0.53 oz) with 320 mAh built-in rechargeable supports continuous recording time of up to 90 minutes. 
  • Through USB, you can serpentine charging cable or rear magnet and put the hidden camera in the corner of home, office, warehouse, store, yard, to work while charging.
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p video quality is available at 30fps and ultra-thin size, high-resolution live streaming and that gives you a clear image with more information to be aware of what is happening when you’re out somewhere. 
  • With the help of a local sd card (up to 64 G, not included), it also supports loop recording, recording, and playback
  • Mini Waterproof Spy Camera with 6 hidden infrared LED lights are available. You can adjust on / off infrared LEDs through your phone even without lighting. Both in the day and in total darkness, it records clearly with a night visual range of up to 15 to 20 feet.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided as your satisfaction is our top priority. Let us know and we will surely work with you with all efforts to solve the problem if you have any problems during the transaction or use. If you need more electronic products, click on “Mopoq” to choose.

Mopoq HD 1080P Small Waterproof WiFi Security Cameras

You will receive a movement notification through the app when an unexpected movement is detected. The mini spy camera captures the image and saves it in the application. Enhanced motion detection can set sensitivity, avoid false alarms such as moving plants in the breeze, and only target the most important areas (such as cribs, children’s rooms, dog houses, etc.) when you are at home, you don’t mind Event reminder?Waterproof Spy Camera Wireless

Easy to use This hidden spy camera comes with a sturdy charging cable that allows you to change the recording angle as you wish while charging during recording. You can manually rotate the camera 360 degrees with the Magic Dock. Night vision Spy miniature camera with 6 hidden infrared LEDs without lighting, night vision distance of 16.4 feet, can be turned on or off remotely, no longer worry about recording at night, this Mini Waterproof Spy Camera provides you with excellent The night experience is fully protected at night, even in the dark, rather than seeing limited focus at any time of day or night.


  • WiFi is (only 2.4 GHz) compatible with phone, “HICAM IPC” application (iOS and Android available) can be used for the live broadcast to watch remotely when you leave home.
  • It is the tiniest camera in the world (1.5 x 0.59 inches, 0.53 oz) 
  • The continuous recording time of up to 90 minutes is supported by a built-in rechargeable battery of 320 mAh. You can through USB serpentine charging cable or rear magnet put the Mini Waterproof Spy Camera in the corner of home, office, warehouse, store, yard, garden to work while charging. Or anywhere include a strong magnet.
  • Full HD high-resolution live streaming that gives you a clear image with more details to know what is happening when you’re out. It also supports loop recording and recording and playback with local SD cards (up to 64 G, not included).
  • It is a Mini Waterproof Spy Camera with 6 hidden LEDs without lighting and you can on / off infrared LEDs using your phone.  Both in the day and in total darkness, it records clearly with a night visual range of up to 15 to 20 feet.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: your satisfaction is our top priority. During the transaction or use, if you have any problems, let us know and we will work with you to solve the problem.  Click on “Mopoq” to choose, if you need more electronic products.

Best Mini Spy Pen Camera | Buyer’s Guide 2020

Best Mini Spy Pen Camera

If you’re highly motivated with the secret spy movies and want to give a try, then you r first gadget should a Mini Spy Pen Camera. It looks similar to an ordinary pen but extremely powerful tool for spying in hidden camera family. Its the best hidden spy cameras you can own as it is movable and can help you keep an eye 24*7 on any one. These Mini Spy Pen cameras helps you to take pictures, Video, Audios with HD quality.

However, these Mini Spy Pen Camera are not just for spying purpose OR a tool only for secret agents and secret agents for conducting investigations. The spy pen camera can be owned by any individual directly also.  Its very helpful for students who do not want to take notes that much during lectures.

GSmade HD Video Pen Spy Camera

It is one of the most advanced and professional-grade camera pens available on the market as the Pen records at 2K resolution. It also has the capability to record in HD 1080P and 720P modes. You can enjoy high-speed fluid motion videos at up to 60fps in GSmade HD Video Pen Spy Camera720P mode. You know when each one took place as it displays time/date on your videos. Your videos are made perfect for law enforcement or agency use by applying a custom name/label that displays.


  • Provides High definition Real Full HD 2304*1296P With the utilization of20 Mega Pixel Mini Spy Pen Camera,
  • Video Show available  In Youtube Of Outdoor https://youtu.be/cTmiRoIyA2s
  • Video clips can be removed if you don’t need to use it,
  • The Camera Lens Is kept hidden
  • For Taking Video, you can change to 720P @60fps Dynamic Professional Shoot
  • Can take Photo With Motion Detector Function
  • Ability to Spin The Middle Of Pen
  • USB Port can come Out
  • To Connect Tablet, It Is The Same As Flash Driver 
  •  Many Accessories like 1plug 1 use manual 1 original ourself made use manual 2 USB cable 1 penholder 2 ink 1 pen clip, To Giveaway
  • Presence One Function Button
  • It is  Easy To Operate With 32gb Memory Card
  • Capacity of1 Hour Video Recording,
  • 0.57 Inch Diameter, 5.7 Inch Length 

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 – HD2K Pen
  • 1 – Reset Pin
  • 1 – Clip
  • 1 – Thread
  • 2 – USB Cable
  • 2 – Ink Cartridges
  • 1 – Adapter
  • 1 – User Manual
  • 1 – Life Time For Replacing defects

ENKLOV FHD 1080P Portable Pen Spy Hidden Camera

With this Mini Spy Pen Camera, you can write and capture all that you need. By saving in an AVI format, it records 1080p HD video ENKLOV FHD 1080P Portable Pen Spy Hidden Cameraresolution in a 12 million pixel screen. Even fast-track photos up to 30 fps can be captured by this. The camera will support SD cards from 8 GB to 32 GB memory. When the memory is full and readily occupied, loop recording takes place. 


  • Video:video resolution of HD 1920*1080P ; 12 Million Pixels(4032*3024);  30fpsFrame Rate; 85°Lens angle;Video Record capacity of 60mins ;saved in AVI Video Format.
  • Function: Can  RecordVideos, Take pictures, Date Stamps, Loop Recording; Support Windows, mac os and Linux System.
  • Loop Record: It will automatically overwrite the oldest video files with new ones when the SD card is full. The camera supports SD cards with at least 8 GB and a maximum of 32GB capacity (The package NOT include SD card)
  • WARRANTY: A 6-month warranty is granted to this product. This gives you protection against any manufacturer related defects. We provide support and stand behind for the products we sell! Service:[email protected]
  • NOTE: WIFI functions are not provided in this Camera; The camera must plug-in an SD card to work

What’s In The Box?

  • 1*Camera Pen
  • 1*USB 2.0 Cable
  • 1*Reset Thimble
  • 1*Use Manual

BSTCAM Pen with Hidden Camera, Build-in 64GB 1080P HD Video Recording

It is a 1080P  HD Mini Spy Pen Camera for perfect monitoring.32 GB free memory card is included in this pack. It can work BSTCAM Pen with Hidden Camera, Build-in 64GB 1080P HD Video Recordinganytime/anywhere! Itis the ideal for cover monitoring at home or work!it is the smallest best-hidden camera with long battery life for everyday use, instead of other surveillance recorders. 


  • 64GB built-in memory cards
  • 1080P FHD resolution screen provides a clearer and better viewing experience
  • Pinhole lens provides more convenience to hide
  • You can use it to write with ordinary writing pen function,
  • 100% Covert and  Easy to use

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 * 64GB spy camera pen
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * 32GB SD card 

Star Light Night Vision spy Mini Spy Pen Camera

Starlight Night Vision Function 2K HD Camera can be utilized for multiple uses like  Recording of videos, Photos Taking, Star Light Night Vision spy Pen cameraDetection of motion, Loop Recording; Investigation and Evidence Collection. In Low illumination, it is Clear And Sharp by Choosing The Night View. It Records A Good Quality Video. It records 2K HD Video In Dim Background, It will Work Well In illumination Of Over 0.1 Lux.


  • Loop Recording: It will automatically overwrite the old files with the newer ones when the memory is full.
  • Clear And Sharp Still in Low illumination: By Choosing the Night View you can Record A Good Quality Video…(Camera Lens is Made In Japan)
  • 2K HD Video In Dim Background, Working Well In illumination Of Over 0.1 Lux, Uncover The Evil In Dark Shadow(Motherboard is Made In America)

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 Brochure 
  • 1 Clip 
  • 1 Pen Frame 
  • 1 Plug 
  • 2 Refills 
  • 1 Screwdriver 
  • 1 Reset Needle 
  • 2 USB Cables 
  • 1 User Manual

iSmartPen Pro 128GB Silver mini spy pen camera

The iSpyPen Pro is a new camera pen. It is the first in its genre to make recording easy, practical, reliable, and affordable. The iSmartPen Pro Mini Spy Pen CameraiSpyPen Pro can be accessed and used by anybody, unlike other products, notwithstanding their age or technical background. 

Relentless work is done by our team of product engineers, developers, and trained service experts to create an exceptional experience for each and every customer being a top-rated, USA based camera pen brand. Look for no more further options if you are seeking the highest level of video quality, recording time, playback reliability, and ease of usage. With an iSpyPen Pro, now starting as low as $59, capture everything your heart desires 


  • iSpyPens is excited to present the boasting unique performance capabilities of iSpyPen Pro. For business, education, harassment, investigation, and special moments, our new cutting edge personal security solution is designed. It includes upgraded HD resolution, extended battery life, and product warranty.
  •  Because of its simple operation, our pen is known as the easiest to use. You should Press to start recording, press to stop recording.  to retrieve files just Plug & play. To worry about while recording, there are no flashing lights, sounds, or other attention-grabbing annoyances present. Because of our exclusive design, there is no product like ours is available on the market.
  • Over ten thousand customers’ feedback has been listened to by us. It is the first in its class to make recording easy, practical, reliable, and affordable. And thus the iSpyPen Pro is a remarkable new camera pen a. To create an exceptional experience for each and every customer, our team of product engineers, developers, and trained service experts work relentlessly as a top-rated camera pen brand. Our promise to you is that We will offer different product options to exceed your expectations.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 Clip 
  • 1 Pen Frame 
  • 1 Plug 
  • 2 Refills 
  • 1 User Manual

Conbrov Wifi Wireless Spy Mini Spy Pen Camera

Since 2005, Conbrov has been trusted by over 50,000 homes and businesses. In home Security and Surveillance Technology, Conbrov Wifi Wireless Spy Pen CameraConbrov is an industry leader. Conbrov is here to help if you need to protect your home and loved ones and also keep an eye on things while you’re away, or record moments that matter.

Full HD 1080P video resolution offers higher brightness than competitive models is featured by this mini wifi spy camera. Vibrant images are ensured by Conbrov WF92 hidden camera. It has built-in wifi with an effective range up to 100ft, provides a convenient and fast real-time live view on your phone with the “FinalCam” App is present in the spycam.


  • Sound Recording: Yes
  • Video Resolution:1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps
  • Wide Angle Lens:170°
  • Supports wifi
  • Loop Recording: yes
  • Product size(cm): 4.52*0.98*0.55 inch
  • Weight: 0.11 pounds

Transwe 32GB with HD 1080p hidden Mini Spy Pen Camera


  • HD Video & Photo Taking:   2560*1440 photo-taking and 1920*1080 video taking.Star Light Night Vision spy Pen camera
  •  Easy & Unnoticeable Operation: It works on One Button operation and support is given to your collecting proof or evidence secretively by its lens with covering slide.
  •  Quality Components:  Lens made by Japan and Chips made in American bring high-quality output, and a better view of a scene that matters is brought by metal pen shell.
  • Package: 1pc plug,1pc use manual, 1pc fast brief card, 2pcs charging transferring cable ,1pc penholder, 2pcs refill and some other spare components.
  • Service: We will surely reply to you within 24 hours and a whole lifetime replacement offer is provided.

What’s In The Box

  • 1* HD Video Spy Pen
  • 2*USB Cable
  • 1*Use Manual
  • 1*Plug
  • 1*Brief card

LOTUSA 1080P HD Pen Hidden Camera

Coming with advanced level HD 1080P and Imported HD lens and image sensor, high-definition images and videos can be BSTCAM Pen with Hidden Camera, Build-in 64GB 1080P HD Video Recordingcaptured with this camera. It captures 2560*1440 Pixels snapshot pictures resolution. You can insert your own MicroSD card and start recording(support up to 32GB) into the device.

To eliminate the ability to record audio, the product was intentionally re-engineered in order to comply with all laws and regulations. It does not record sound as it is a video-only surveillance camera.


  • Advanced level HD 720P/1080P: It can capture high-definition images and videos with an Imported HD lens and image sensor. 2560*1440 Pixels snapshot pictures resolution.
  • Easy Operation – Just simply insert a microSD card and start recording directly.
  • Support SD card up to 32GB – You can insert your own SD card into the device. This can prevent most compatible/recognizing problems caused by internal memory, which are commonly seen on the market.
  • Loop recording or Motion Detection mode-  Recording only if the camera detects movements or Recording continuously.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x LOTUSA HD Pen Hidden Camera
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x USB-to-USB Cable
  • 5 x Ink Refills

Multifunction Writing spy Pen with HD 1080P Camera & Recorder

It includes a wide visual angle, high definition, accurate record, travel record. It is safe and secure. Comes along with 3 months Hidden Camera Pen-HDrefund. Lifetime Technology Support is provided along with it. Unconditional customer satisfaction.


  • Video camera pen – to prevent operation mistakes only 1 button is on the top of the hidden camera PEN. The pen with a covert lens starts recording videos as the button is pressed once and,  to complete the save and press again. Throughout the process, no sound is produced.
  • As it equipped with a 400mAh battery Mini Spy Pen Camera, it provides a long recording time of up to 2 hours per full charge. On any recordings or images, date or time stamps as reference points can be added. The writing pen can be recharged with the USB cable or connect the pen with a computer USB port to charge.
  • It Supports 32G TF card which is not included in the box.
  • HD Mini DVR PEN – 1920 x1080p resolution video is supported by the spy camera and 2560*1440 pictures can be taken.
  • Suggest using VLC Video player or any other player which can support AVI format to replay on your computer, since the Video Format is AVI.  A 1-year warranty Service is provided. Please contact our buyer support if you have questions about the product, and we will surely give you a satisfactory solution.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x spy pen

Conbrov TD88 720P HD Portable Mini Spy Pen Camera with Loop Video Recorder

Videos in 1280x720PConbrov are taken by TD88 Mini Spy Pen Camera. It can be easily fit inside your pocket and is portable. It starts recording once turned on.  This spy pen will perform well in a low light environment but has no IR night vision.Conbrov TD88 720P HD Portable Mini Body Pen Camera with Loop Video Recorder

It functions well as part of a complete personal security system or a monitor. Some criminal activities such as theft, loitering, and vandalism may be captured. It creates a date and time stamp and that makes it perfect for evidence and additionally, video is also clear.


  • HD Low Light Performance: The 1280*720P HD camera with a 75-degree wide-angle lens can also record in a low light environment, in addition to high-quality videos with beautiful color and super clarify in the daytime. You can use it both in the daytime and low light environment with this excellent specialty,
  • Support Charging While Recording: Charging while recording is supported by this portable Mini Spy Pen Camera, if you need a long time recording, you can attach an external power bank or charging adapter. Class 10 microSD cards with at least 8 GB and max 32GB are supported by it. , The oldest video will be erased to make room for the new one, when the SD card is full

Buyers guide for Mini Spy Pen Camera

Mini Spy Pen Camera Type

 Technically, there are mainly five types of hidden cameras that are available on the market and this is one of the most important factors that, we have to keep in mind.

  • Body-Worn: – For those who are ready to take photos or videos anytime, these types of cameras are most useful. In Smartwatches, eyeglasses or strips with the small lens, These cameras normally come. They are almost unable to detectable and have a very high spy level.
  • Self-Recording with the loop: –These types of hidden cameras are very useful if anyone requires a camera that regularly records videos all the time in a static place.
  •  Internet-accessible IP based: –The feature which is offered by these hidden cameras is, spy on someone in real-time with the internet. With these hidden cameras you can also control remotely and change the angle of view or even some camera offers two-way talking features and not only provide you videos in real-time.
  • Hardwired: – These types of spy cameras need controller devices and are typically connected with a wire, which processes the video, which is taken by the camera.
  • Wireless: – Wireless cameras come in the form of the book, speaker, clock or any type of daily use household product. With wireless technology, they always remain connected with your home internet and real-time footage is provided.  Totally depending on you, this camera can be used for babysitter monitoring, baby monitoring or any other need.

Battery backup

A very important thing for a camera is Battery backup because what is the usability of that camera when you are about to record video or take photos, and the battery is low then?

Due to their small design, outdoor hidden cameras come with normally 2-3 hour backup time. And on the other hand, we can also charge them, while they are in action and additionally the home camera can be available in capacious battery storage.

Some hidden cameras don’t have the battery inside and keep working only with the main. You have to check for a better backup time if you are purchasing the best-hidden cameras outdoor. Nowadays, you can get full HD video recording features easily in any spy cameras, unlike the past.

Video Resolution

What resolution is recommended for a hidden camera? Well, In full HD resolution detailed resolution you can easily identify your object. So we recommend this resolution  in the hidden cameras

However, if you want a more detailed video then you can purchase a camera that is having a 2K resolution video, there is no limitation that you have to choose full HD resolution, besides that the quality is not too important then HD resolution is not too terrible either. You can’t take photos directly with some cameras as only video is supported and you will have to extract photos from the video later.

Motion Detection:

The main function of the feature is that you will be notified with SMS, push or will send you an email with an attachment when there is any activity is happening in front of the camera (features are different according to the manufacturer).

When any activity happens, this motion detection feature can trigger video recording and will be capable to send you instantly images and video clips of the incident.

Night Vision 

This feature is very useful in dark areas and is mostly available in-home cameras, and somewhat in outdoor cameras too. Most of the manufacturers provide this feature, but you have to check the night vision range as it varies according to the manufacturers


 SD card compatibility is offered by most portable hidden cameras. Some of them provide cloud storage and FTP features as you go higher. You should check the capability, how big size SD card is supported by that if you want to purchase the best-hidden cameras.

View Angle:

When choosing a spy camera, a view angle should also be considered as it affects very much. It will benefit while recording as much wide view angle is supported by the camera and our object will never be out of the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to operate a Mini Spy Pen Camera?

You can consider checking the user manual for any specific usage and each Mini Spy Pen Camera has its own unique features.

Where to buy a Mini Spy Pen Camera?

For your convenience, we have mentioned a list of Mini Spy Pen Camera above and it can also be bought for the different eCommerce platforms.

How to make a spy camera pen?

Check this: Youtube