Braun 7 790cc

Affordable Braun 7 790cc Electric Shaver Guide 2020

Braun now comes up with their new technology called Braun 7 790cc which give you an awesome experience. This shaver comes up with new unique features. It makes shaving easy and fast. This device best for the men have sensitive skin.

What are unique features –let’s discover

  1. Five Shaving Elements – Braun 7 790cc come with five shaving elements from which four cutting elements and one skin guard which protect your skin from any cut. These elements give you a unique experience and do shaving smoothly and effectively.
  2. Two Specialised Trimmers- this device consists of specialised two trimmer from which one is an iron coating which helps you clean the thick or dense hair off your face.
  3. Intelligent Sonic and auto sense Technology– Braun device comes up with an extraordinary technology called intelligent sonic and auto sense. This technology helps you to capture more hair at a time. This shaver gives you fast shaving experience.
     Braun 7 790cc Electric Shaver
  4. 10-D Contour Adaptation – Braun  7 790cc goes in a  10 direction flexible head and floating shaving elements easily adapt your skin and capture the population at a hard area.
  5. Wet & Dry- this shaver easily used in a dry or wet area. It can be used in water, foam, gel or at the time of the shower. His technology gives you a unique experience.
  6. Waterproof – one amazing feature of Braun 7 790cc gives you 100%  waterproof experience. It can be used in the water but up to 5 m only. You can easily use the shaver at the time of the shower.
  7. Cleaning– cleaning is something which must be kept in mind of any shaver. Braun latest technology device gives you an alcohol-based cleaning solution. This removes the 99 per cent of germs from the shaver. And give you the best cleaning shaver. It has a feature of the automatically clean shaver. This can be done by pressing a button.So forget the old style cleaning process and experience a unique way of cleaning.
  8. Cordless feature  – one thing which makes Braun 7 790cc unique is the cordless feature which you use everywhere.
  9. Precision headlock – latest technology shaver of Braun give Precision headlock .it lock the shaver and gave control to maximum let you control the hair area under your nose and chin.
  10. Charging – Braun 7 790cc charge in 60 minutes. And it gives a capacity to you it for 50 minutes in this device li-on battery technology is used which give power reliability. One shave can be done easily in 5  minutes only.

Braun 7 790cc pros and cons


  1. Long battery life gives you an amazing experience which helps you use the shaver multiple time. And the need for charging, again and again, is low.
  2. It’s curved give you smooth glides of your face
  3. It has an ergonomic design which gives you a smooth grip.
  4. It is fully waterproof and use it at the time of shower but under the 5m area.
  5. It is best for sensitive skin men as it protects from harm.
  6. Its cordless feature makes it you carry this anywhere.
  7. It helps to capture the dense area and give you a smooth skin experience.


  1. It is quite expensive than another Electric shaver of Braun. And this is due to many features of the shaver.
  2. There is huge vibration in the shaver while doing the shaving.
  3. When shaver not used frequently it surfaces become rough
  4. Shave poorly around facial irregularities in smoothness such as a cleft chin or moles


In the end, I want to say give it a try once. It is a great shaver and gives you an efficient and amazing shave experience. Braun series 7 gives you comfortable, clean shave than other cleaning shavers.

It is the best product that comes in the market. Cost of the Braun 7 790cc is 20,790 in India.  Maybe it is high price but it gives you so much unique experience that you get good value against the price. 

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